Lahore Confidential is doomed from all angles except its story and Shayari.

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A 68-minute movie about espionage, India-Pak relationships, terrorism, and love. Sounds like a thrilling roller coaster, doesn’t it? A simple story of how Indian agents save the country and patriotism prevails over love. Easy enough to execute. And this is where the expectations ended and disappointment started. Lahore Confidential has all the makings of a good thriller but ultimately fails to deliver on every ground. 
Ananya (Richa Chadha), an employee of RA&W is sent to Pakistan to gather information from Rauf (Arunoday Singh), who hosts Shayari events for the Pakistani elite. Ananya is chosen because she is an Urdu and Shayari loving fan writing a book. Her colleague is Yukti (Karishma Tanna), who tells her to be ready to do anything in this field. Tension arises when Ananya and Rauf fall in love, and Ananya digs herself a deeper hole when Rauf’s intentions come to light.

First, there is too much going on on the show that could be covered in 68 minutes. We want to say it would have been better to convert the film into a show, but after seeing Richa Chadha’s one-dimensional acting, we would like to refrain from subjecting the audience to more time wastage. Ananya works at RA&W, is bookish and emotional, and has grown up with a nagging mother. All these things should have made her smarter, but as we see her character fall into obvious traps after traps, we have to question the sanity of the intelligence officers who recruited her. 

Lahore Confidential

Honestly, we could listen to Arunoday Singh spouting Shayari for days on end, but his positive contribution to the film ends there and he is not a very convincing double agent with a motive of his own. Maybe action scenes would have lent more credibility to his role, but we might never know now. Karishma Tanna has been given the role of a sex fiend with a vulgar mouth because why look away from the stereotypical image that the audience is here for? 

Lahore Confidential is a film that is doomed from all angles but the story and Shayari. The dialogues are either stilted or come across as fake, the characters are unbelievable, and the ending is obvious. We expected more from S Hussain Zaidi, the creator of this franchise and a brilliant Indian thriller writer. 

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