Shershaah – Best Tribute To The Martyred War Hero Vikram Batra!

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The Kargil conflict – one of the toughest warfare ever fought. The Pakistani troops had entered as Kashmiri militants and the scenario soon escalated into a full-blown war. This fight chalked the journey of a brave soldier Captain Vikram Batra – a war saga that is still afresh in our minds. Shershaah depicts the journey of Vikram Batra and Sidharth Malhotra does full justice and displays a Dil Maange More performance. 

The story begins with the sequence of war and Sidharth Malhotra as Vikram Batra storming right into the face of the opponents giving them a run for their life. Cut to the film shows a simple Palampur boy who dreams of serving his nation someday. He is so obsessed with the army uniform that wears it on all occasions. He falls in love with Dimple Cheema, played by Kiara Advani, and almost chose the Navy to impress the girl’s dad before he is finally posted at the 13 JAK Rifles as a Lieutenant. 

The entire build-up done by director Vishnu Varadhan and his writer Sandeep Srivastava wasn’t necessary because it just made the first half slow. Kiara and Sidharth’s love story and the entire romantic song sequences all felt like a distraction from the actual heavy-duty subject at hand. 

The second half picks up the pace and Sidharth Malhotra shines as Vikram Batra. The valor, courage, and bravery of Kargil war hero Vikram has been rightly shown and it makes us scream our love towards our country. With powerful patriotic dialogues and power-packed war sequences, Shershaan manages to keep the audience hooked. DOP Kamaljeet Negi made sure that the chaos of the war, the bloodshed, the explosives, and swirling dust, the injured and the dead army officers are all shown with impeccable reality. 

One thing to notice is that the movie also shows the plight of the Kashmiri people who are caught between the good army men and the murderous militants. Speaking of the other star cast, Shiv Pandit is very aptly cast as Captain Sanjeev Jamwal. Nikitin Dheer is impressive as the cheerful Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia and so is Shataf Figar as the straight-talking Col. Yogesh Kumar Joshi. We must admit that they make a team that we can root for throughout.  Anil Charanjeett and Raj Arjun did their part well too. We wished Sahil Vaid had a little more screen time, but the time he had, he made sure he leaves a mark. 

Kiara Advani doesn’t have much screen time, but she is an absolute pleasure to watch. Sidharth and Kiara definitely make for a good pair as their chemistry was magical. The climax of the film is definitely a notch higher, giving the audience goosebumps and visuals worth watching. 

Shershaah, in short, roars with impactful scenes and dialogues. Also, we would love to see Sidharth and Kiara together more in the upcoming films. Shershaah is the best tribute given to the martyred war hero Vikram Batra and it definitely’ ranks higher than most of the recent war dramas and tells an inspiring story that needs to be told.

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