10 reasons why hating on Bollywood is senseless

Anupama Chopra said it perfectly in her article on Film Companion: “Everything Bollywood has been accused of in the last few months – discrimination, drugs, favoritism, nepotism, short-sightedness, cowardice, greed, arrogance, vanity – could be true. As it is true for the rest of the country and every other ecosystem. The Hindi film industry is not a hotbed of sin, polluting an otherwise pristine nation.”

It’s been a devastating few days. The Bollywood film industry, which has entertained me for the last 20 years, which has made me forget all my problems for 2-3 hours and immerse myself in its magical world, is being horribly targeted. Be it a few individuals from the industry (you all know who I’m talking about) who are using the tragic death of a young celebrity for their own personal agendas, or the some very dramatic media personalities (Arnab Goswami, Navika Kumar, Anjana Om Kashyap, to name a few) who have made fantastical stories out of random events and personal messages, the film industry is being viciously attacked right now.

Here’s why our attacks on Bollywood are absolutely senseless:

For starters, this is an industry that has entertained us for more than 100 years.

We need to have a little respect. Give a little thanks. Without Bollywood we wouldn’t have such fun, entertaining lives.

We can call Bollywood out on its problems without vilifying it. Because the same problems exist everywhere else, too.

If you seriously think that Bollywood is the root cause of EVERYTHING wrong in the world — drugs, murder, suicide, depression, nepotism…have a look at your own life. Have you ever favoured a family member over a stranger? Do you have alcoholics in your close circle? Have you ever felt so depressed that you lost all meaning in life? It’s so easy to vilify famous people because they are everywhere.

Media trials are cruel and plain wrong.

The screaming. The melodramatic background music. In the last few months, the media has used baseless evidence to cook up lovely stories that vilify just about everyone in Bollywood, bringing different narratives together than most film plots themselves. If we, the public, pander to what the media says, then we’re basically giving the middle finger to the truth.

There is a deep-rooted patriarchy that is revealed through these media trials

We’ve talked about how us hating on Rhea and other female actresses reveals our own patriarchy. Just because they are women in public, it’s so easy to slut shame them for our own entertainment.

Bollywood employs 27 lakh people, and contributes to 349,000 crore of India’s economy

Lakhs of people in India are employed and have a source of income because Bollywood employs engineers, spot boys and girls, makeup artists, junior artists, dancers and singers and actors of all kind — just to name a few. To shit on Bollywood is to shit on all these hardworking people, without whom no movies can be made.

If we care so much about being anti-nepotism, how many ‘artsy’, ‘parallel’ movies have we watched? How many times have we been curious about what a star kid looks like? Have we even paid to watch noir films, or do we only look forward to mega-star blockbusters?

Be honest here. If you look through tabloids on stars all the time, if you’re curious to know what star kids are like, if you follow the papparazzi and love watching blockbuster movies, then you’re just as bad as people who are so-called “flag-bearers of nepotism”.

We have definitely watched movies by the same stars we troll online, so we should have some decency

You’re telling me you’ve never watched DDLJ, Om Shanti Om, Ram Leela, Rockstar, Jab We Met…and countless others? You’ve never appreciated them?

Instead of sitting around spreading hate online, maybe we should, I don’t know, get a life.

When I see that people have nothing better to do than troll celebrities every single second, I feel sad and irritated. Because this also shows how vela people are. Jobless and bored.

Because, who knows, maybe tomorrow your WhatsApp chats will be all over Times Now, with Navika dear doing a story on them.

So how about we share kindness online. Have a little compassion.

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