10 Times Bollywood Gave Us Seriously Unrealistic Expectations of College Life

Bollywood has made movies about, like, every event ever, from tragic love stories to unbelievable action thrillers, to fun, peppy college movies. But these college movies really messed with our heads; they made us expect things that are FAR from reality. Here are 10 unrealistic expectations of college life that Bollywood needs to apologise for:

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That you’ll have a dramatic love story

Seriously, thanks to Rockstar a bunch of us believed that in order to really make music, we need to feel pain. So the whole idea of being kicked out of our homes, falling in love with the hottest girl on campus, following her to her Kashmiri wedding, making it big, having an affair with her and then loving her till the day she dies…is thoda unrealistic.

2 / 10

That teachers are as hot as Sushmita Sen

You should have attended my college. Not even one teacher came close. Sushmita’s saris were made for Bollywood heroines, not regular Science teachers. But damn, if any of my college professors wore sexy sarees and looked like Miss Universe 1994, I would definitely have had a high attendance.

3 / 10

That you’ll meet the love of your life

Ugh, Aditi and Jay were such relationship goals that we all went through college waiting for the guy who would buy us a new cat when our old one would die. Or waiting for the girl who’d be as strong and entertaining as she is beautiful. Guess what, Bollywood? Not all of us meet the love of our life in college.

4 / 10

That seniors are generally horrible bullies

I don’t know about your college, but we only had two types of seniors in mine: the first were indifferent and didn’t even look at us, and the second were really sweet and helpful, and even became friends with us! I know ragging is still quite common in many colleges, but not all seniors are bad. In my experience.

5 / 10

That everyone will just break out into song and dance

Every college going student in Bollywood films seemed to be on acid because damn, they all have the energy of 5 year old kids. No teenager has this amount of energy to break out into coked-up dance sequences because we’re all so exhausted from the lack of sleep and train travel and general depression.

6 / 10

That one student will be a lovable bhai who gives jaadu ki jhappiyan

I wish I had a Munnabhai in my classrooms. He would have been non-stop entertainment and a refreshing break from boring teachers droning about boring subjects. And I could have really used a jadoo ki jhappi on the day of exams.

7 / 10

That fashionable clothing is allowed

The fashion in Bollywood college movies really angers me. Hell, in my college we weren’t allowed to show hands, elbows, arms, ankles, calves, knees, thighs…nothing. And here these girls strut about in the latest clothes, sexy skirts and tops. I could have been a fashionista too, you know. I blame it on my archaic, patriarchal college.

8 / 10

That there’s absolutely no studying at all…just chilling

Dude, college is actually a really hard, serious time in most of our lives. It’s when we study the most and when we have to make serious life decisions about what we want to do with our lives and our futures. So when all these ‘hep’ college students just get through their academic lives chilling, playing guitar, chit chatting at the canteen, breaking out into song and dance, or scamming millions into making a fake college, it’s unbelievably false.

9 / 10

That you’ll have a great business acumen even when you’re 18 in college

Dude, Shruti, Anushka Sharma’s character in Band Baaja Baaraat, comes up with the wedding planning idea IN COLLEGE. Which means, when most of us were over-sleeping, over-drinking, over-eating, Shruti began a successful enterprise of her own which grew into a rich company. Unfair. Most of us can’t even manage eating breakfast when we’re in college. How tf did Shruti manage a whole company of her own?

10 / 10

Only Realistic Expectation: That You Make Friends For Life ❤️️ 

This is honestly the only realistic expectation we have out of college life. The friends you make in college are friends for life. You’ve lived together, seen the best and worst times together, grown together, partied together, cried together and been there for each other through it all. These are the friends who will be there with you every step of the way, from weddings to funerals to career milestones. College friends are friends for life.

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