11 Apocalyptic Movies that Somewhat Define 2020

India has become a Covid-19 hotspot, Cyclone Amphan has devastated the east, the Indian Rupee is at an all time low, locusts are coming for us, Salman Khan released a song called Bhai Bhai, and the week isn’t even over yet. Does the universe have more in store for us? Is this just the beginning … of the end? Are we slowly entering an apocalypse? 

On Monday, June 1st, we will officially be half way in 2020. If 2020 is anything like a Karan Johar movie, the second half should be much better. But if it’s like a Ram Gopal Verma movie, we’re doomed. 

Hence, to celebrate both the end or even the start of the apocalypse, here are 11 movies you must binge watch this weekend. (Who knows, they could be relatable as well)

1. contagion

This is literally the autobiography of Covid-19. In Contagion, a deadly virus begins to spread and containing it becomes a race against time. (sound familiar?) It’s gritty, fast paced and unfortunately rather relatable.

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2. 2012

2012 is the ultimate End of the World Movie. Everything goes south within hours and natural calamities engulf the world on a ginormous scale. Tsunamis, cyclones, earthquakes, storms, typhoons and literally every other natural disaster take place. Soon enough it becomes a race for safety. (PS- Do not watch this movie if you have anxiety issues)

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3. war of the worlds

War of the Worlds is a classic movie. Scary giant tripod aliens invade Earth and soon it becomes a literal war of the worlds. The movie is well made, interesting and will have you at the edge of the seat throughout.

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4. the last ship (TV Show)

This isn’t a movie, but an extremely binge worthy TV show. It follows the story of survivors on a ship aka the Last Ship. What are they survivors of? A global pandemic that wipes out the world population. Sound familiar and scarily prophetic? It’s a well written and fast paced show that may just give you tips for survival, who can tell? 

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5. world war z

World War Z is about a deadly virus outbreak, that instead of putting people on ventilators transforms them into Zombies. One man defies all odds and wards off hundreds of zombies to find a cure and save mankind. Watch this movie because that man is Brad Pitt, and to watch him onscreen is to do yourself justice. Plus the movie is also very compelling.

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6. geostorm

Climate controlling satellites go rogue and threaten to unleash Earth-destroying calamities. It becomes a cut-to-cut race in trying to stop them. Essentially this movie is 2012, but with an evil robotic satellite included. It’s a must watch for sure.

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7. this is the end

If a frat party and an apocalypse had a baby, it would be This is the End. The movie takes on the end of the world in a hilarious and spoofy way. It’s an absolute riot (pun intended) and perfect for some comedy in these dark times. Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and literally every funny actor stars in the movie. 

8. the 5th wave

This is about a deadly wave of alien attacks that returns to damage the earth for the fifth time. The FIFTH time. The movie follows the havoc, chaos and panic that ensues as everyone tries to escape their deadly fate. 

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9. book of eli

Book of Eli is set in a post-apocalyptic world where everything is barren and dark. It follows a man trying to find a book that holds the ways to save humankind, which if lost could have disastrous consequences. (If only there was a book like that for 2020)

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10. 2020 Fallen Earth

Could the title be any more accurate? This movie follows a 16 year old boy trying to navigate his way in a post-oil crash USA. It’s also a coming of age film, which makes it more hard-hitting. It may not be the best apocalypse movie ever made but it’s worth a watch.

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11. i am legend

Another movie set in a post-pandemic word, I am Legend is about the only survivor of a pandemic that wiped out the Earth. It follows his journey trying to find a cure while fighting off mutants, beasts and other factors the very same virus created. It’s gritty, violent, scary and worth watching.

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We’re half way into the year that should have been cancelled in March itself. We just hope that it gets bearable in the second half. Till then, stay home, stay safe and binge watch Mirchi Play recommendations!

Did we miss out an apocalyptic movie? Let us know! 

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