5 Netflix TV Shows To Watch When You’re Feeling Stuck and Need Work Motivation

Put your finger down if you’re feeling extremely uninspired lately…Put your finger down if you procrastinate on every task on your to-do list…Put your finger down if staring at your laptop screen is the only task you’re currently doing best…well, if any of these made you go “oh boy, oh yes”, let me take a moment to say that I feel you! All of us have collectively witnessed a global pandemic, social isolation, disinformation and so much uncertainty for the past 1.5 years, it’s absolutely normal to feel stuck and demotivated. Functioning at your peak is too much to expect from yourself right now, but there are things that can help you become more productive. It’s hard to believe but watching movies and TV shows can do wonders! Looking at characters like you and me follow their ambitions and succeed is inspiring and helps you to stay motivated.

All you need to do now, is stop being hard on yourself, give yourself much needed breaks every now and then, and watch these amazing TV shows that will remind you of your career goals and help you get right back on track!

1. The Bold Type

Platform: Netflix

The Bold Type revolves around a trio of three millennial women- Jane, Kat and Sutton living in New York City and their struggle to find their identities. The three best friends work for a fictional magazine called Scarlet and tackle office politics, relationship problems, personal issues all while giving their best at work.

2. Suits

Platform: Netflix

Suits follows a young and brilliant college dropout Mike Ross who starts working as a law associate for New York City’s best legal closers, Harvey Specter. What’s interesting is that Mike Ross is hired by Harvey despite never having attended Harvard Law School. To see Mike learn from Harvey’s expertise and in turn teaching him to be sympathetic towards his clients is super inspiring!

3. Emily in Paris

Platform: Netflix

Emily in Paris is a story of a 20-something American who lands her dream job in Paris. She adjusts to her new life in the new city while juggling work, friends, and romance. If you are someone who’s interested in the world of marketing and social media, this is the show for you!

4. Grace and Frankie

Platform: Netflix

Two women who are enemies come together when their husbands confess their love for each other divorce them. Instead of wallowing, they start a business together that helps old people live their best life. ‘Grace and Frankie’ inspires you to follow your dreams no matter what they are and no matter how old you are!

5. Workin’ moms

Platform: Netflix

Workin’ moms is a story of 4 women who try to navigate kids, bosses, love and life in modern-day Toronto. They support each other as life throws at them various challenges of fast-paced and competitive workplaces. The show gives you excellent insights and inspires you to find the right balance between personal and professional life.

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