5 thoughts we all had while watching the ‘Laxmii’ trailer

Film director and choreographer Raghava Lawrence released a hit Tamil film called Kanchana back in 2011. Nine years later, who would have thought that Akshay Kumar would be playing the lead role in its Bollywood remake, Laxmmi Bomb? The trailer of Laxmmi Bomb released today at 12:30 pm, and in case you haven’t watched it already, do so first:

The much awaited movie was all set for a theatrical release, but unfortunately due to the pandemic, will be released on Disney Hotstar+ on 9 November 2020, and available for streaming then.

Watching the trailer, I was left…with many mixed emotions. Here are 5 thoughts I’m sure that we all shared:

1. Wow, this movie really does have…it all

From a horror story to a newly married couple, her in-laws and her atheist husband, from a random dance number in Bhurj Khalifa to Akshay Kumar being possessed by a female spirit and dressing like a woman…there is nothing this movie does not include. If you’re looking for a no-brainer, timepass, humourous movie, save the date for 9th November. Regardless of whether Laxmmi Bomb will be good or not, it’s going to be entertaining for sure.

2. This seems like a bit of a mix of Housefull

You know, with the whole big crazy family living together, quirky father, paranoid mother, newly married couple.

3. …and of Bhool Bhulaiya

You know, with the haveli in an ancient town, the horror-comedy blend, shadows in the night, a character being possessed by a spirit. Also, Akshay Kumar.

4. Why must a transgender person be represented through horror/haunting/crazy spirits?

And why are only cis-male made to play trans roles?
Akshay Kumar said in an interview, “This is unlike any character I’ve ever played. I had to be careful to portray this character with utmost honesty, without offending any community.”
But the onus isn’t solely on him; it’s on the writers and creators of the film. Historically, transwomen in India have been represented with connotations of fear and horror. Transpeople are people, but in pop culture they are reduced to comical characters to be mocked.
But, of course. This is Bollywood. So the one time a straight cis-male plays someone like Laxmmi Bomb, she will only come out through a terrifying horror story, make noises and sounds and scare everyone in her path.


5. Ayesha Raza chugging daaru is me

Look, at that age, with a family this stressful and the fear of a ghost haunting me, I will probably turn to drinking too. Probably the funniest part of the trailer was when Ayesha Raza, who plays Kiara Advani’s mother, starts chugging her daaru as soon as she meets her daamaat. When he asks her “aap sharaab kab se pee rahe ho?” and she says “bachpan se,” I literalyl ROFL’d. Some movie characters are just downright relatable.

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