8 Best Indian Dark Comedies To Watch When You Need To Laugh Through The Pain

My life definitely is a series of unfortunate events and I tend to laugh at the most serious occasions, and if you are one like me, then you will love DARK COMEDIES. (Trust me! they are made for souls like us)

‘Dark comedies’ – a genre really hard to pull off. Not just hard, it is tricky to make your audience laugh and make them love the movie at the same time.

India was however a stranger to dark comedies and did not appreciate the gem much, till some really daring filmmakers introduced them to these amazing masterpieces. Sometimes jokes are the best way to deal with difficult topics. So, here we are to tell you about some of India’s best dark comedies!


Where To Watch:- Netflix

IMDB Rating:– 8.4

When we talk about dark comedies, how can we exclude Super Deluxe? The film had consecutive stories going on side by side and each story has a tragic background, but the way they are presented in a comic way has to be appreciated. Serious topics like murder, cheating, society’s view of a transgender and his family, prostitution, and many other such issues are covered well by giving it a comic twist. Super Deluxe is a must-watch, especially Vijay Sethupathi is the star of the film.

2. Andhadhun

IMDB Rating:– 8.2

Sriram Raghavan made us all fall in love with the genre – dark comedy. Ayushmann Khurrana, Tabu, and Radhika Apte starter Andhadhun was one amazing movie. Akash (played by Ayushmann) who pretends to be a blind pianist witnesses a murder. His life gets entangled when the murdered suspect that he knows more about the same. This movie has everything to become the most unforgettable watch Tabu has done an exceptional job and the murder story just gets funnier and scarier at the same time.

3. DEV D

Where To Watch:- Netflix

IMDB Rating:- 8

Just imagine the story of the film Devdas happening in the 21st century! That’s exactly how you can describe Dev D. Of course a lot of comedy of errors and an unforgettable storyline. It focuses on complicated romantic relationships and the lead character played by Abhay Deol finds solace in humor and narcotics. This film is a must-watch.


Where To Watch:- Netflix

IMDB Rating:– 7.6

Anurag Basu – a director who gave us heartwarming stories, masala gangster movies, and musical comedy films tried his hand at dark comedies too. And guess what? It turned out to be a masterpiece. Ludo is a bit of everything. Five consecutive stories, all intertwined and connected so brilliantly that you will fall in love. The entire film’s comedy is gold. The comedy is situational, and the situations are usually bloody and disturbing. If you need a good laugh and a mixture of drama and romance, Ludo is a perfect choice.

5. Delhi Belly 

Where To Watch:– Netflix

IMDB Rating:– 7.6

Another masterpiece by Abhinay Deo. Imran Khan starter – Delhi Belly is about three roommates who are desperately trying to make a name for themselves. Things go the wrong way when they realized that they have lost some expensive artifacts that belong to powerful outlaws. The entire film tests their friendship in hard situations and the comedy is well placed and will tickle your funny bone too. The film is actually worth watching and is completely a different experience.


Where To Watch:- Netflix

IMDB Rating:- 7.2

What an unprecedented event in your life can lead to, is shown in the film Shaitaan. Bejoy Nambiar’s Shaitaan revolves around four friends who believe to live their life to the fullest without any regrets. Until one day, their life takes a downward slope when their lifestyle leads them to a hit and run case. The film just gets exciting and there are lots of comic elements to it.


IMDB Rating:– 7.1

OH God! How could people not appreciate this film? One of the finest works by the late actor Irrfan Khan – Blackmail is the best black comedy you can add to your watch list. The story revolves around a jilted husband (Irrfan Khan) who finds out that his wife (played by Kirti Kulhari) is cheating on him. Now the twist in the tale occurs when he decides to take revenge rather than show his outburst. However, things don’t go well as planned. Abhinay Deo, as a director, makes sure that the film grows on you.


IMDB Rating:- 6.3

Saif Ali Khan is known to pull off any role given to him with utmost ease. Akshat Verma’s directorial film Kaalakaandi starts with Saif’s character realizing that he just has few months to live. He then has a different take on life and he just indulges himself in the world of parties, random and short encounters with women, and even narcotics. The film will also tell you stories of other individuals, but all are not connected well. Still, the film is a fun watch.

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