8 Bollywood Movies That Sent Us Straight To Therapy

It’s no secret that Bollywood is notorious for having made its audience cry, have major break ups, run out of weddings, and even break down. And these are just the good movies! If you’ve ever totally lost it during a Bollywood film, worry not. You are not alone. Here are 8 Bollywood movies that owe us very expensive therapy bills:


Those two only had each other! I get it, that this is supposed to be some Romeo-Juliet remake, but my heart broke. Especially when they thought they had to shoot each other because their families were fighting downstairs. NO Ram and Leela, they were celebrating. Because they decided to unite and support your love. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, not cool.


Oh, no surprise that it’s another SLB movie. That guy really knows how to make us weep, doesn’t he? Guzaarish broke my heart because finally, finally at the end Sofia and Ethan decide to be together, but Ethan is to die. Seriously? You’re going to end a movie with a dying man laughing heartily? Have you no heart? Still not over it, even though it was ten years ago.


She was brave. She was beautiful. She was noble and courageous, and saved others’ lives, only to risk her own. Sonam Kapoor’s brilliant performance in Neerja broke all of our hearts. Not to mention, Jim Sarbh was fantastic in raising the tension. The movie was airtight, much like that fated airplane, and Neerja was a true hero. This movie still comes back to me in flashes.

Kai Po Che

I’m not going to state the obvious. Apart from that, the fact that right-wing politics and the Gujarat riots of 2002 drove friends apart, causing one to kill another, is absolutely devastating. There was so much, so much hope in the movie’s start, and Ishaan’s unfortunate demise just comes out of nowhere. Not cool. I’m still messed up about it.


ALWAYS KEEP YOUR PHONE ON SILENT. Ghajini taught me this. The only reason Kalpana was found was because stupid Sanjay had to call her. Stupid Sanjay. Even in her last, dying breaths, she wanted to save Sanjay’s life. Not. Cool. Bollywood. Inspired by the Tamil film Ghajini (which is equally heartbreaking), I basically watched this movie twice, and weeped in two different languages.

Veer Zaara

Those two only had each other! Man, Bollywood really loves the whole fated-couples narrative. But ever since Veer-Zaara came out in 2004, life has not been the same. Everyone’s OTP (from my generation, at least) will always be Zaara and Veer, Veer and Zaara. Their love crossed boundaries, borders, conventions of right and wrong, good and bad, and that’s why they were fated to meet, love, but live in estrangement. It’s a long film, but so worth it.


Alia Bhatt’s exceptional talent comes through in Highway, which was only the second film of her career! At 19, Alia played the role of Veera, whose affection for her kidnapper first jarred us, then wrapped us up in its warmth. Randeep Hooda, who plays Mahabir, was first terrifying, but slowly peeled off his layers to reveal the human side of him to which we all can relate. His death was shocking and unnecessary, okay, Imtiaz?! I’m still not over it and you owe me many, many therapy sessions because HE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO DIE. Also, both Veera and Mahabir had such traumatic childhoods that they were to find release and relief in one another. They were to live a long life, up in the mountains, together.

Taare Zameen Par

Okay the previous movies might have been heartbreaking, but the only one that made me cry from START TO END, was Taare Zameen Par. One of the most important movies ever made that highlights the difficulty of differently-abled children trying to survive in the rigid, competitive world, Taare Zameen Par opened up the conversation about dyslexia and how to encourage and help disabled children, rather than put them down. But there was not one moment from this gentle, tender movie that did not make me sob like a goddamn waterfall. And when Maa plays as Ishaan’s family leaves him at boarding school MID YEAR? Uff…excuse me. I have to go cry in my bathroom.

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