8 of our favourite Ranbir Kapoor roles, ranked!

It’s RK’s birthday! The guy who has been a heartthrob for almost two decades and has entertained us with his supremely charming dancing and acting skills. He turns 38 today, but age is just a number. Because his acting chops are so skilled, that he can literally play any character with any age, background, career, class, language, gender, even (haven’t seen that yet, but would love to). Love him or not, you cannot deny the powerhouse of talent that he is.

Here are 8 roles that Ranbir Kapoor has performed which have taken our breaths away.

8 / 8

Jagga, Jagga Jasoos

Okay, maybe Jagga Jasoos didn’t do THAT well in the box office (or critically), but the best part about the film was Ranbir Kapoor. His Raj Kapoor-Charlie Chaplin-esque comedic skills is a major vibe. Only RK could have played the lead in a largely silent film, and made it super entertaining and fun to watch. I recommend you watch this movie only for Jagga’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. Which make for great cinema.

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7 / 8

Bunny, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Look, whether you’re male, female, young, old, Indian or not, you definitely were in love with Bunny while watching Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. In what has to be one of the 20th century’s best coming of age romcoms, this movie is what it is because of the fiery chemistry between Ranbir’s Bunny and Deepika’s Naina. Who wouldn’t want to marry a Bunny? He’s funny and sensitive, adventurous and understanding. And his dancing, damnnnnn.

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6 / 8

Siddharth Mehra, Wake Up Sid

Sid was all of us. Young, disinterested, bored, aimless. Okay, maybe only some of us relate to his arrogance, but we saw his kind side with his friends, and how he’d do anything for them. His passion for photography helped him find stable ground, and after he learned his lesson and was humbled by the independent Aisha, he reunited with his parents in the most loving way. We love Sid, no matter how childish and immature he can be. Because all of us are Sid.

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5 / 8

Ved, Tamasha

Tamasha is one of the rare films that actually portrays mental health problems, and how they can have debilitating effects on our loved ones. Ranbir Kapoor plays Ved with profound sensitivity and no judgment whatsoever. Ved is complex and goes through a tumultuous period during the film, from having breakdowns because of his drab, routined life, to falling in love with someone who is looking for a character he played once, to discovering that he cannot do what his family demanded of him. RK shows us Ved at his most vulnerable, his most fun and his most absurd, which only shows us the actor’s incredible range of emotions.

Source: YouTube

4 / 8

Samar, Raajneeti

Samar does not have an easy life. Just when he thought he could live a “young-wild-free” life abroad with his girlfriend, the death of his politician father drags him back home and into the messy world of politics. He may be young and ambitious — naive, even — but learns to play the dirty games and picks up the tricks of the trade. Ranbir Kapoor playing Samar was a fantastic surprise, as he broke out of his stereotype of the ‘young, carefree romcom hero’, and showed us just how serious he can get.

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3 / 8

Janardhan, Rockstar

In what can be defined as the opposite of a bildungsroman, Rockstar showed us the slow debilitation of Jordan, AKA Janardhan, from young naivete to the unruly character of a rockstar. His unfortunate love for Heer is what brings about his unraveling, but also what pushes his musical career further. His struggles, from falling in love to being kicked out of his own home and staying at Nizammuddin Dargah, to making in big as a musician but starting an affair with a married Heer, twists and turns his life like never before. I argue that it’s because someone as talented as Ranbir Kapoor played Jordan that Rockstar has achieved the cult status it possesses today.

Source: Rockstar

2 / 1

Barfi, Barfi

Barfi was the most adorable mix of Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor to ever meet on screen. Ranbir Kapoor plays the titular character in Anurag Basu’s Barfi, a lovable, butterfingered, always hilarious, profoundly sensitive mime, Barfi. His idiosyncrasies take him on a hilarious journey. From falling in love and having his heart broken, to the unfortunate death of his father, his innocent kidnapping of Jhilmil, his falling in love with her and living together happily into their old age, Barfi did it all while being as entertaining as ever. Find me someone who can play this character as well as RK did. I bet you can’t.

Source: Whoa.in

1 / 8

Sanjay Dutt, Sanju

Every actor has that one career defining film that really demonstrates allllll their skills and talent. For Ranbir Kapoor, I believe that the movie is Sanju. Although there hasn’t been one average performance delivered by RK, and he just kept setting higher standards for himself in every single movie, Sanju really showed us just how insanely talented the actor is. Playing the larger-than-life actor with incredible finesse, striking similarities and moments that confused even the real Sanjay Dutt (I think), RK was able to completely morph into the son of Nargis and Sunil Dutt. From literally changing his entire body’s build to his walk, his speech, Kapoor played Dutt without any judgment whatsoever. Sanju proved to us that Ranbir Kapoor can not only play any person under the sun, he can also play the multiple lives of one person. With ease.

Source: DNA India

Happy Birthday to the one and only, Ranbir Kapoor. We hope you keep entertaining us for many, many more years to come. Without you, so many incredible films wouldn’t be the same, and Bollywood as we know it would have been radically different.

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