Bollywood Characters That Taught Us The Best Life Lessons!

Bollywood teen cheezon se chalti hai – Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment. But, somewhere between entertaining us and tickling our funny bones, some movie characters have left us stunned and inspired. They taught us the biggest life lessons to live by.

So, this teacher’s day let us have a look at some of those characters who in spite of not playing a teacher on the screen, ended up giving us some valuable life lessons.

1. Geet From Jab We Met 

Main Apni Favorite Hoon is not just a dialogue but a principle to live by. Yes! Kareena Kapoor Khan’s character from Jab We Met has to be the first on the list. She taught us to enjoy life as it comes and love ourselves above all. 

2. Shashi From English Vinglish 

Turning weaknesses into strengths isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We fear judgment and hence have a lot of insecurities. Shashi, played by Sridevi in English Vinglish taught us that it is never too late to learn something new. Believe in Yourself – that’s the biggest lesson that Shashi taught us. 

3. Sandhya From Pagglait 

While Sandhya, played by an amazing actress Sanya Malhotra’s husband passes away, society tried to cage her with lots of thoughts, sympathies, and responsibilities. Sandhya fought her fears and decided to break free. The dialogue Jab Ladki Log Ka Akal Aati Hai Nan… Sab Unhe Pagglait Hi Kehte Hain.” is when the film hits you hard and leaves you with a valuable decision. Life doesn’t stop, it must just go on with or without the ones you loved. 

4. Jaya Nigam From Panga/ Rani Mehra From Queen 

Jaya Nigam and Rani Mehra, two strong characters played by the queen of Bollywood – Kangana Ranaut taught us that life is all about moving ahead. While Jaya taught us to chase our dreams and fulfill them and not let anyone stop us, Rani taught us that an end of a relationship isn’t actually an end to your own individuality. 

5. Harpreet Singh Bedi From Rocket Singh

We all have had that moment when we felt like giving up, to quit the things that aren’t turning out exactly like how we planned. But, Harpreet Singh from Rocket Singh played by Ranbir Kapoor taught us that hard work, determination, and willpower are something that you need to succeed. 


Always choose right even if your family sides with the wrong. What better life lesson can a film like Rang De Basanti teach the younger generation! Sidharth played the role of Karan and this exceptional star gave us a memorable character to remember and a life lesson to live by.

I am sure, you must have learned different lessons from different characters you see on screen. Let us know about all those characters who inspired you and taught you a life lesson through our social media pages.

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