Iconic Bollywood Movies Turning 21 in 21!

Hey 90s kids, do y’all feel old yet? We are all adults now, kids have taken to calling us aunty or uncle, and we no longer get every slang or every meme. Yep, we are officially old. Want to feel more depressed about it? Here are 5 classic Bollywood movies that turn 21 this year!

1.  Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai

I remember everyone going gaga over Hrithik’s dance moves, and having a secret crush on him all those years! Well, while Hritik’s charm and dancing skills are still intact, the crush? Not so much. It’s still unbelievable that Hrithik’s debut movie has completed 21 years, and yet Hrithik defies age and looks as young as he looked then! 

21 in 21

Image via: Yahoo

2.  Mohabbatein

The movie that relaunched Amitabh Bachchan, gave us an SRK who taught love right under Mr. Bachchan’s nose while wearing 2 sweaters god knows why, and taught us the importance of Parampara, Pratishtha aur Anushasan – Mohabbatein. We still watch it every other weekend, don’t we? Best 3 hours of a Sunday! 

21 in 21

Image via: Zee News

3. Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri has aged beautifully, and so have our beloved Baburao memes! The movie whose every scene is a classic meme in itself, spawning thousands of other memes and just being all-around awesome, also gave us the funniest trio to date and set Paresh Rawal as our favorite for infinity. 

21 in 21

Image via: The Telegraph

4.  Dhadkan

How to make yet ANOTHER love triangle but make it seem like it’s not copied? Put in heartbreaking songs, that’s how. Rich girl is in love with a poor boy, enraged father, rich girl marries rich guy, rich guy is super sanskari, rich girl falls in love with a rich boy, enters poor boy who is not rich, triangle ensues. Honestly, the one question we have is how did Suniel Shetty become so rich so fast? Cmon Suniel, it’s been 21 years, give up the secret already!

21 in 21

Image via: The Lallantop

5. Pukar

It’s been 21 years, and we still cannot dance like Prabhu Deva. Nor can we figure out the secret to Anil Kapoor’s anti-aging regime. Nor has Madhuri’s smile changed. We are truly gobsmacked. 

21 in 21

Image via: Cinestaan

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