Craziest Things Fans Have Done For Mahesh Babu!

Mahesh Babu shines like a moon amidst all the stars. He is rightly called the Prince of Telugu cinema. He is tall, handsome, the chocolate boy looks, intense personality, and a smile that can charm anyone – who else can it be other than the Royal Prince – Mahesh Babu!

Right from being a child artist to the most valued celebrity, Mahesh Babu has done some roles that take up a lot of courage. He is also amongst the handful of stars who turn out to be a much bigger star than their already superhit parents. Rightly so, Mahesh Babu has made his position in the industry over the years. What he brings to the screen is commendable – conviction, ability to cry and make cry, make people fall in love and make them feel loved, beat up the villains amidst the crazy fan cheerings, he has done it all. 

The actor enjoys a crazy fan following. The amount of fans he has down South is bigger than what we can imagine. It can be said that it is rare to find a star with such a humongous fan following. His fans have time and again proven how crazy they are for him. 

Today, the actor turns 46. This day is really special for him and his fans. The actor has already treated his fans with the teaser of his upcoming film Sarkaru Vaari Paata. As expected, the teaser is going viral on all social media platforms. The film stars Keerthy Suresh as the heroine. Going by the teaser, the film looks like a commercial entertainer. Mahesh Babu can be seen performing some high-octane action scenes and we can already say that fans are going to love him in this film. 

Twitter is flooded with birthday wishes for Mahesh Babu and this reminds us of the crazy fan following he has. Have a look! 

Since his fan following has been the talk of the town for the longest, let us tell you about some of the craziest things that fans have done for him. 

1. Bloody Affair! 

Fans across the globe go to any extent to prove their love for their favorite stars. Some just cross the level of craziness. Some gestures even end up scaring the stars too. Mahesh Babu encountered one such incident too. In one of his interviews, Mahesh Babu was asked about the craziest thing a fan did for him. It was then that he revealed, “ I remember a few years back, there was fan mail and I got a letter where a fan wrote my name with his blood. I think that’s the craziest thing anyone has done for me.” Though he was touched by the gesture he suggested refraining from doing such things. 

2. Permanent Love! 

Tattoos are forever and so is the love of Mahesh Babu’s fans for him. A lot of fans have tattooed the image of Mahesh Babu on their body. Some have it on their hands and shoulder while others have gone an extra mile to get it tattooed on their chest, close to their heart. Mahesh Babu has always been emotional about such acts of love and he has always thanked his fans too. 

3. Creating a Record! 

Mahesh Babu’s fans created a record for him on his last birthday. Twitter recorded the highest number of tweets for him. The superstar’s birthday trend crossed the 60.05 million mark. The previous trend #TwitterBestFandom had gone up to 60.2 million with over 1.28 lakh people participating in creating the record and needless to say, these many people participating in creating a trend in itself was a record. 

4. Pure Worship!

The release of a Mahesh Babu film is like a festival for his fans. Fans start celebrating it way before the movie was even released. The level of crazy love goes to the level of worshipping him. Fans have been seen pouring milk on his posters as a mark of love and worship, hence creating a different vibe in the cities. 

5. Better Than Tom Cruise?

There are no limitations when it comes to love. This was proven by Mahesh Babu’s fans. When Tom Cruise released his Mission Impossible teaser a few years back, some confusion was created on social media. People started commenting that Mahesh Babu was better in all senses. While some claimed that these were done by anti-fans, some said that it was done out of pure love for Mahesh Babu and they didn’t actually mean to defame Tom Cruise. Have a look at some of the comments.

Well, Mahesh Babu is definitely a thunderstorm of talent and that is the reason fans are crazy for him. We wish this powerhouse of talent a very happy birthday!

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