Heartbreaking Fictional Character Deaths That We’ll Never Get Over

We invest ourselves a little too much into the movies or shows that we watch. This is the reason why we feel like an emotional loss when a fictional character dies. We end up weeping for hours and it almost feels like a personal loss. 

So if Monday couldn’t make you cry enough, here we are reminding you of some of the most heartbreaking deaths of fictional characters. Don’t hate us though! Also, do keep a box of tissues handy. Don’t tell us that we didn’t warn you! 


Money Heist Season 5 is making headlines for all the right reasons. But, we did not expect the end to be so painful. We weren’t ready to bid goodbye to Tokyo so soon. Yes! The scene where Tokyo gets shot, yet she decides to fight till the last breath is heartbreaking. Her emotional goodbye to Rio was something that will stay with us for the longest.  The dialogue “ Don’t Be So Sad. Something Ends Today. But Now Is The First Day Of Your Next Life.”

It wasn’t just Tokyo, Nairobi’s death made me weep inconsolably. When I thought I can’t hate anyone more than Arturo, Gandia enters the scene. When he made the move of shooting Nairobi, that moment, I just came to a standstill. The anger only subsided when Tokyo took revenge and killed him. 

2. Shershaah (Okay, You Already Know The Scene)

Vikram Batra’s sacrifice left us with a sense of pride and things were just fine till B Praak’s Man Bharya started to play in the background and Kiara Advani broke down in front of the pyre. How badly we wished Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema had a happy ending. 

3. Harry Potter (I swear I still feel the loss)

We all have waited for a letter from Hogwarts once (Honestly, I am still waiting). While this series gave us fictional friends and family, the death of a few from this series made us ugly cry. While Cedric Diggory and Dumbledore’s death did give us a lump in the throat, it was Dobby’s death that tore us apart. Dobby was happy to be with his friends while he died, but his death made every Harry Potter fan weep. 

Also, how can we forget Snape? The entire series took a turn when Snape was taking his last breath and he revealed all the secrets that he was guarding all this while. He went from being the most hated character in the Harry Potter series to the most loved one in just a span of 5 minutes. We will “ ALWAYS” Love him. 

4. Ram Leela (I Immediately Need Love Like This – But With A Happy Ending)

Ranveer And Deepika didn’t want to die at the hands of each other, but FATE! Tears just rolled down every eye when they had their final conversation and finally took the step. Won’t lie, but I hoped that someone would come and just stop them at the right moment. 

5. Shawshank Redemption (Brooks lived here!)

It broke my heart when I saw Brooks trying to live a normal life outside the cell, but he just couldn’t, as he spent all his life inside the cell. And finally, he just decided to give up. RIP Brooks! 

6. Kal Ho Na Ho (Aman, Kaash Hum Tumhe Bata Paate Ki Hum Tumhein Kitna Chahte Hain)

Aman legit taught us that Aaj … aaj ek hasi aur baant lo … aaj ek dua aur maang lo … aaj ek ansoon aur pee lo … aaj ek zindagi aur jee lo … aaj ek sapna aur dekh lo … aaj … kya pata, kal ho naa ho’ 

The scene where he was taking his last breath and is bidding goodbye to his near and dear ones got us all bawling. 


Newlyweds John (Owen Wilson) and Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) adopt Marley as a pup and his final days literally put everyone into tears. If you didn’t cry, you probably are a monster. John watching him slip away gave us a lump in the throat and an ache in the heart. 

8. Highway (Why can’t people let them live in peace?)

Why did they have to do this to Mahabir? The death shattered every one of us. One moment we were living the dream of Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt, as they relished moments together and the next moment we see Alia yelling to stop and Randeep literally taking his last breath. 

9. Forrest Gump (I can’t get over this one)

Here we can’t just speak of one death! The adorable man Forrest Gump lost many people in life and each time I had a tear roll down my eyes! Be it his mom, then he looses his best buddy Bubba at war, and finally his childhood best friend, Jenny dies, and each time we just blubbered. If you haven’t shed tears atleast in one of these scenes, then I don’t know what to say! 

10. Sanam Teri Kasam (One box of tissue is just not enough)

This movie literally makes you cry for hours even after the end. Saru passes away due to cancer and Inder is just crying inconsolably. The fact that the couple just married a couple of moments ago makes it more heartbreaking. 

11. A Walk To Remember (Nicholas Sparks stop making us cry)

Jamie and Landon fall in love with each other. Along with them, we too get carried away in the land of love. But, after we see them exchange vows, Landon tells the audience that after they shared more love than many people know in a lifetime, Jamie passed away. This death made us ugly cry. 

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