Bollywood Break-Up Scenes That Broke Our Hearts!

Having to let go of a person who you thought will be there beside you forever is the hardest part. In fact, the worst feeling. Breakups are hard, I mean even the thought of something beautiful ending makes you want to cry your heart out. Sometimes the two are just made for each other, and yet, destiny doesn’t let them be together.

Some Bollywood films have captured the true emotions of breakups so beautifully that it feels like it is happening to us. So, here are a few breakup scenes from Bollywood films that made us go through a move-on phase ourselves! (Okay go ahead, have a good cry!)

1. Tara And Ved’s Break-Up In Tamasha  

Tara played by Deepika Padukone and Ved played by Ranbir Kapoor were one of the most loved Bollywood couples and hence their break up in the film made us sad too. Tara realized that she hurt Ved so much by saying that he needs help and that she was much happier with his cheerful side. She even tries to mend things and begs Ved to stay. That scene made my heart ache. If the scene alone wasn’t enough, then the song Agar Tum Saath Ho starts to play in the background, and here I was crying into my pillow wishing they hadn’t broken up.

2. Laila And Majnu’s Break Up In Laila Majnu

Timing can be brutal to you at times and that’s exactly what Laila Majnu showed us. Tripti Dimri’s character Laila loved Qais Bhatt played by Avinash Tiwary but did they end up together? A BIG NO. First Laila refuses to run away with Majnu due to some misunderstandings and breakups with him. The scene broke me and I so wanted to yell and tell them to just get back. Destiny did give them another chance when Laila’s husband died, but again things got ugly and they never ended up together. The thought that they loved each other immensely yet couldn’t end up together still makes my heart cry. The part where he just starts to hallucinate is just heart-wrenching.

3. Devdas And Paro’s Break Up In Devdas

Okay, why can’t two people just be together when they love each other so much? Devdas, (Shah Rukh Khan) separating from Paro (Aishwarya Rai) is the saddest thing ever. Devdas sends a letter to Paro saying that love never existed between them. But soon he realizes that he had committed a big mistake! Aaarrghh! The timing – It was too late. Paro was getting married. She refuses to elope with him. She is tearfully married off to Bhuvan. The last scene – let’s not even talk about it, I will need more than one tissue box to handle myself! How I wish they had made the right choices!

4. Maddy And Reena’s Break Up In Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

I accept what Maddy (played by R. Madhavan) did was wrong. He shouldn’t have faked his identity to get close to Reena (played by Dia Mirza). But they were so adorable together that even I couldn’t stop myself from falling for the two. But this had to end one day and it did too and when it happened, it hurt more than what an actual breakup would have hurt. Reena broke up with him and refused to see him again (though she loved him). The phase after that was tough for them and even tougher for us as an audience to watch.

5. Jordan And Heer’s Break Up In Rockstar

Why in the name of God can’t two people who love each other be together, Bollywood? Jordan (Ranbir Kapoor) turns into a Rockstar after Heer (Nargis Fakri) humiliates him and refuses his proposal. Well, she was actually the perfect heartbreaking machine, as said in the movie. She is married to some other guy and moves to Prague, only to realize that she loves Jordan. But they never get to be together. The last scene will literally give your heart a good cry.

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