Best of Stan Lee MCU Cameos

It’s been 2 years since Stan Lee left us, and we still miss him every day. Today would’ve been this legend’s 98th birthday, but so what if he’s not here with us today? We can still celebrate his birthday, Marvel style! Let’s look at some of the most amazing Stan Lee cameos in Marvel movies, which we know everyone waits to see! You live in our hearts forever, Mr. Lee. 

10. Black Panther 

Tensions between CIA and Wakanda are increasing in a Busan casino, as both teams arrive to capture the terrorist Klaue. The tension de-escalates when a greedy player, played by Mr. Stan Lee himself snatches T’Challa’s  (Chadwick Boseman) poker chips from Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) for ‘safekeeping’. Suffice to say, we loved this cameo! 

9. Avengers: Endgame

This cameo holds a special place in our hearts, as it’s the last cameo appearance of the man responsible for Marvel. When Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve (Chris Evans) time travel to find one of the Infinity Stones, we can see a younger Stan Lee shouting ‘Make love not war’ at a passing S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. The cameo is less fun than his other roles, but we still love seeing Mr. Lee one last time in Marvel movies. 

8. Ant-Man

We loved Luis and his insanely long narrations; add Stan Lee to it, and you have the perfect film. The already funny scene becomes funnier when we see Stan Lee as a bartender mouthing Luis’ “crazy stupid fine” dialouge.

7. Ant-Man & The Wasp

“Well, the sixties were fun, but now I’m paying for it!” An adult joke in the MCU? Only Stan Lee could do this. When Wasp manages to shrink Lee’s car by mistake during a car chase, he makes this cameo appearance, which only adds to the hilarity of the movie. 

6. Thor 

If there’s anyone worthy of lifting Thor’s hammer, it could be Stan Lee. Not in the MCU though. In Thor, a number of people are gathered to lift the hammer and Stan Lee among them. He hooks the truck to the hammer and presses the accelerator, but the hammer doesn’t move, and Stan Lee is left with a truck with its backside ripped out. 

5. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is looking for a Skrull in disguise when we spot Stan Lee reading lines for Mallrats, another movie where he had a cameo appearance. A cameo inside a cameo? Well done, Mr. Lee. The tiny smile that Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) gives him just adds to the scene, and we love them both for it. 

4.  Captain America: Civil War 

Only Stan Lee can get away with teasing the mighty Tony Stark. A serious moment between Stark and Rhodey (who’s trying to walk after injury) is broken by the arrival of a delivery man, who asks for Tony Stank and makes everyone laugh.

3. Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Stan Lee at a party with Captain America and Thor! We loved this moment from Age Of Ultron, where Lee takes sips of Thor’s extra potent Asgardian liquor and has to be dragged away, while caught saying “Excelsior”. This is an important scene as we get to see Stan Lee utter this phrase that had become synonymous to him. 

2. Iron Man

The cameo that started it all! In Iron Man, see Stan Lee with women on his arms, and Tony Stark arriving for a party and mistaking Lee as Hugh Hefner. This cameo doesn’t have any dialogues, but it honestly doesn’t need any. We loved the movie, we loved the cameo. 

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Is there a logic to Stan Lee’s cameo in every MCU film with different characters? No. Do we care? Also no. James Gunn gave us a funny explanation for Stan Lee’s cameo appearances by showing him talking to the Watchers, a powerful alien race who observe and document all events in the universe. His appearance suggests that he might just be the same person in all of his cameos. Whatever the reason, we loved each and every one of them, and will miss them in the films to come. 

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