10 Times Sexism in Bollywood Proved That We Need to Smash the Patriarchy

Oh God, not another feminist article. We, the Public of India, followers of the Great Arnab Goswamiji, are here to take down Rhea. I mean, bring justice to Sushant. We conveniently forget the difference between those two. We know that she must be arrested because she committed the horrible crime of falling in love with a man who was struggling with mental health issues. And, since she is a woman, we will troll her as much as possible, go through her private messages, slutshame her, and accuse her of doing black magic on national news.

Is this the first time we have treated female actors this way? Nope! We are proud of these moments too:

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Sorry ladies, but if you’re a woman, your film career ends at 30. Or once you’re married.

I love how the 3 reigning Khans of Bollywood are well into their 50s and are still romancing actresses in their 20s/30s, while the women they started their careers with weren’t really given many roles once they hit the ripe age of…not being young anymore.

2 / 10

Aww, did you think heroines could get powerful lead roles? How cute.

Ladies, you’re only here to stroke the man’s ego (among other things). Don’t be too loud, or flirty, or overweight, or funny; be feminine, delicate, slim, sexy, quiet, a nice girl.

3 / 10

Only in Bollywood are mothers younger than their sons


I love how a 33 year old Shefali Shah, married to a 62 year old Amitabh Bachchan, was mother to a 38 year old Akshay Kumar in Waqt. In Yaadein, Supriya Karnik was a 26 year old mother to a 27 year old Hrithik Roshan. In Mother India, 28 year old Nargis was mother to Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar — both 28 at the time. The list goes on and on, because women were only seen to be worthy of two things: the good bahu or the protective mother.

4 / 10

“It’s not love if you can’t slap each other” – A Famous Director We Shall Not Mention

Awara. Devdas. Mughal-e-Azam. Kabir Singh. Arjun Reddy. Saamy. It’s a historic thing; heroes always have “haq” or “control” over their girlfriends/the women they love, and justify hitting them as a way of displaying affection. Because the only way to tell someone you love them is to hit them. Obviously.

5 / 10

Sorry ladies, leave your brains outside the set. There’s no place for them here.

Women in Bollywood aren’t supposed to have brains. Don’t be crazy! They are ditzy, shallow, looks-oriented, and chase after boys who look like they’re packaged in Delhi’s gyms and steroids.

6 / 10

All the lovely comments on social media are reserved for actresses 🙂

If you’re an actress, or a woman in general, you have definitely been called many colourful names by many lovely, kind people. You’ve probably received dick pics, rape threats, death threats, creepy messages from stalkers…the list goes on.

7 / 10

Man = Superhero
Woman = Damsel in distress

Heroes have to be big and buff cops/good natured thugs/superheroes, and heroines have to be curvy, sexy damsels in distress. Her job isn’t easy: she has to be super fun and loud and happy-go-lucky.

8 / 10

How dare women have desires?!

Remember the uproar over Swara Bhasker’s masturbation scene in Veere di Wedding? Or how Pahlaj Nihalini, the then director of the Censor Board, refused to allow Lipstick Under My Burkha to play in theatres because they dared to show that women, too, have desires?! Because women are supposed to be shawl-covered, subserviant to men, never feeling aroused or tempted, right?

9 / 10

Remember how #MeToo just came and went so quickly in India?

How silly of actresses to have called out talented actors during the #MeToo movement? Why would they assault women? I’m sure it was just because of how beautiful the actress was that the actor was mesmerised. I mean, that’s what Bollywood teaches us, right?

10 / 10

Male actor arrested = give him space, the poor thing
Female actor arrested = GRAB HER!

Famous male actors that the whole country adores have been accused of and acquitted of many things: poaching, hit-and-run, actual relationship physical abuse, murder, possessing weapons and even of aiding terrorist activity. Yet, they are free, working, acting in movies, loved by the public and are minting money. Rhea Chakraborty was arrested for buying 59 grams of Marijuana and the media talks about how she’s never going to get work again; how her life is over.

But obviously. Who asked her to buy drugs? How dare she not take care of the late actor? Obviously it’s her one and only duty. Obviously we the public have the right to take the law into our own hands. Hashtags are the new court battles.

The next time you want to troll Rhea’s wall, think first. Your words have meaning. Have some compassion.

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