10 Indian Stand Up Comedians Who Got Way Too Real About Life Under Lockdown

Lockdown is slowly coming to an end and the number of covid cases in India are gradually rising. #Unlock1 became a huge sensation a week ago, and I’m still getting used to sunlight hitting me in the eyes. Anyway, I’m going to miss hanging out with my walls and cupboards, who have become my new best friends. And I’m terrified of stepping out and contracting covid.

To honour the life we lived while self-quarantining and the entertainers who kept us feeling alive for three months, here are 10 friendly reminders of how hilariously sad life was. Only comedians can drop such harsh truth bombs. Such as:

Sumukhi Suresh reminding you that you didn’t really have a life before lockdown, either

Zakir Khan, back in April, speaking what we all were thinking

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Maze Toh Couples Kar Rahe Hain.

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Urooj Ashfaq: comedian and expert fitness trainer

If you wanna practice how to tell your kids about how we survived this, learn from Biswa Kalyan

Abish Mathew was all of us in April preparing for a long dry spell…

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Is this song about an Animorph?

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When Kanan Gill, Abish Mathew and Kaneez Surka did this hilarious video on relatable content

Aditi Mittal perfectly captured the sad #freelancer life under lockdown

Navin Noronha didn’t need to use any words to sum up all of us under lockdown, in just a few seconds

Kaneez Surka’s satire of Indian journalists at their peak when covid+locusts were bringing the world to an end

Atul Khatri depicting the very real consequences of not wearing a mask 🙂

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Why it is important to wear a mask

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Sonali Thakkar showed us how glamorous the life of a comedian really is

And Sorabh Pant’s comedic take on grocery shopping under lockdown was basically all of us from March to June.

I’m not going to lie to you; I actually will miss some things about lockdown. You know, like not having to worry about keeping my hands locked in my pockets and staring at everybody like they’re the bloody virus itself. And thanks to comedians and entertainers, we actually were made to laugh when times were tough. All we can say is thank you!

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