5 Iconic Tusshar Kapoor Characters That Always Make Us LOL

In tough times, we all just wanna laugh. Who better to laugh with than the one and only Tusshar Kapoor? He’s known for his impeccable comic timing, his goofy but lovable characters, and the conviction with which he says the plainest things in hilarious ways. It’s no doubt that he’s up there on our list of Top Comedic Actors from our generation, giving us back-to-back characters who make us ROFL. Since we’re gonna be meeting him tomorrow, as he goes live on Radio Mirchi’s IG (@radiomirchi) with RJ Sangy at 2pm, we thought we’d thank him for all the LOLs he’s given us through his films.

Here are some of our favourite Tusshar Kapoor characters:

5 / 5

Laxmi Narayan, One Two Three (2008)

In this whacky movie filled with three crazy Laxmi Narayans, Tusshar Kapoor plays the first one. His widowed mother wants him to become a successful gangster, and so his attempts to achieve that are ridden with a series of comedic errors along his path. Laxmi Narayan will make you laugh until tears roll out of your eyes, as you can see in this one amazing scene.

4 / 5

Rishi Malhotra, Hum Tum Shabana (2011)

While this movie wasn’t a hit at the box office, Tusshar Kapoor’s character, Rishi Malhotra, will be remembered for his youthful, urban sensibilities and hilarious antics. Rishi and two other guys compete to woo one woman Shabana, played by Minnisha Lamba, but one thing leads to another and their new plot is aimed at losing her.

3 / 5

Lucky – Golmaal Again (2017)

Lucky needs no words. Pun intended! For real though, Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade together in a single shot can only mean fireworks. In this spectacular scene, you have the two of them engaging in a battle of some kind (very macho, lol). What begins with some crazy trash talk (read: cute) ends up involving a strange dance, hug-fighting, a brick thrown at Lucky’s crotch, and Shreyas staggering away with two scissors fastened deeply in his buttocks. Forget all those action thrillers, THIS is all that you need to watch.

2 / 5

Rahul, Kya Kool Hai Hum (2005)

Rahul (Kapoor) and Karan (Riteish Deshmukh) are two best friends who are totally opposite in character. Rahul is earnest and hardworking, while Karan is, well, a washed up guy who does nothing. After a series of crimes rock their city, Rahul ends up being the prime suspect. This is followed by a string of comedic moments gone wrong, false accusations, and a love story that ends up having its happily ever after. Tusshar’s Rahul is super famous for his ‘bechara-ness’, his innocence that somehow lands him in deep trouble.

1 / 5

Lucky – Golmaal (2006)

Okay, this movie is what personally started it all, for me. The Tusshar Kapoor comedy craze, that is. Lucky cannot speak, but he more than makes up for his lack of words with his very vivid expressions and vocal admission of his thoughts. This scene, in particular, is my favourite because of Lucky’s AMAZING mimicry of the bad guy’s antics. He describes the fight with such passion and conviction, and ends by calling Ajay Devgn the beautiful slur that we all used to repeat at school: “Maya-o“!

There you have it. Five of Tusshar Kapoor’s best, funniest, most iconic characters that can be watched and re-watched a billion times. It’s the best thing to do when life gets too depressing–which is happening a lot, off late. Thank you, Tusshar for making us laugh, through the years. This one’s for you.

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