5 Reasons to Join Tik Tok TODAY

Quarantine has confined all of us in our homes. Life has slowed down, Netflix has run out of shows and sleep is an illusion. But the one app that can make this time a little bearable, is TikTok (aka Kartik Aaryan’s turf). It is the fastest growing social media platform in the world and with the current universal lock down, it has become even more popular. Everyone is getting on it, including tons of A-Listers and other organizations too.

1. Helps pass time

The TikTok dances may seem easy but they are a lot of hard work and it can take a while before you perfect them (or try to come close). Renegade, Say So, Savage are a few popular songs with even more popular Tik Tok dance challenges. Even the other challenges are hard. The Plank Challenge for instance is essentially moving around in a rhythm while holding a plank throughout. It’s hard enough to do a plank, but add movement to that and you’re up for a real task. Take up a TikTok dance or challenge, and you are guaranteed to get through the day fast and sans boredom.

2. It is Educational

There are tons of hacks on TikTok for a spectrum of things. Whether it’s learning how to bake a cake, making a natural hair mask, removing ink stains, or even mastering a trick shot in carrom, TikTok has you covered. We live off jugaad and these efficient hacks in under a minute is a dream come true. Plus there is also EduTok, which literally means educational TikTok. And these aren’t gags, they’re real educational TikToks that actually teach you skills! You can learn a new language, learn to cook, learn public speaking, carpentry and much more. And while sleeping and eating maggi all day has its charm, learning something new does too.

edutok tiktok

3. Cringe worthy content

It is common knowledge that we Indians thrive on Cringe content. Rakhi Sawant, 13 seasons of Bigg Boss, Republic Now are just a few prime examples of this. TikTok is very massy and hence so is most of the content on it. Get ready for men dressed as women dancing to old Sridevi songs, people wearing USB cords as jewelry, strange husband-wife dances in the middle of a farm, old ladies being ‘gangsta’, random slow-motion flirting, and other content that will make you want to wash your eyes. Love is pain but we are all masochist boomers. It’s entertaining and you will hate it so much that you’ll get addicted to it.

4. it’s fun

TikTok is an amusing pastime and will keep you thoroughly entertained. Whether it’s the dancing, the challenges, the fun video effects, the million filters or even the cringe content, it’s just plain fun. It’ll boost your dopamine levels and make your quarantined day better for sure. Plus now even celebrities are getting on to it and it’s all the more enjoyable.

5. it could make you a millionaire

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform and is not slowing down. If your videos are unique enough, gaining popularity will not be hard. You could potentially become the next big thing and earn lakhs through the app and brand deals. If the cha-ching doesn’t motivate you to get on the app, I don’t know what will. 

tik tok millionaire

So jump on the bandwagon today, because frankly, you have nothing to lose and tons of free time.

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