6 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are Bandya From Chup Chup Ke

We love to relate ourselves to the movie characters we see on our screens, don’t we? To put ourselves in their shoes, and imagine ourselves living the life they are living. But what if I tell you that you’ve been living the life Bandya from Chup Chup Ke instead of Bunny from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani?

I can prove it.

1. You are always broke

You might not be under a debt like Bandya and Gundya from Chup Chup Ke, but you’d much rather have a chutney sandwich than avocado toast for breakfast. Because that is all you can afford!

2. You are sarcastic AF

Sarcasm is your second language. You can never stop being sarcastic, even when you are in deep trouble.

3. You are always misunderstood

You put your foot in your mouth way too often for someone who isn’t very flexible.

4. You take one for the team…sometimes involuntarily

5. You know your manners well

You are a person of etiquette and you try to pass it on to people around you too! You may be a taken-for-granted, broke and sarcastic individual…but at least you are a ‘well-mannered’ taken-for-granted, broke and sarcastic individual.

6. You look ravishing in white

You underestimate how beautiful you can look.

Tu dikhta hai khoobsurat. Tujhe pata nahi hai, lekin tu dikhta hai!

I know that Bunny is the person we want to be, but deep down, we know we’re all just Bandyas <3

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