7 memes on Arnab Goswami that the nation has got to know

There are no words to describe Arnab Goswami, lead anchor of the media channel Republic TV. Everyone knows him and his primetime hour news show, The Debate With Arnab Goswami, at 9pm every night.

But how to understand this journalist, this enigmatic, passionate journalist who made the phrase “THE NATION WANTS TO KNOW” popular? Why, through memes. Because it’s 2020 and that’s a more ethical way to consume information than the media. Thank you, I enjoyed that burn, too.

Here are 6 memes on the famous journalist that the nation should want to know:

1. You don’t “accidentally” switch on Republic TV. You loyally watch it for the nonstop entertainment

2. If you want to explain the birds and the bees, just show any person this clip.

3. The best interruption on The Debate that I’ve seen so far

4. Arnab is every Indian dad saying no to a night out 🙁

5. Learn how to give izzat from Arnab

6. Every science kid will get this joke

7. Lastly, although this isn’t a meme, it’s totally meme-worthy. Kasthuri Shankar eating lunch while a very heated primetime debate is going on, on live TV

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