7 Things That Would Happen if Kanye West Became POTUS

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Nothing in 2020 is shocking anymore. We thought there was no curveball it could throw at us that would astound us. Well that was until Kanye West announced he was running for President of the United States.

Kim’s already made it to the White House and Kanye announcing his presidency campaign was clearly the next logical move. Honestly, he may just become the 46th President of the United States because if Trump can, anyone can.

Here are 7 Things that may happen if Kanye West becomes POTUS:

1. Kanye Dollar Bills

No one loves Kanye like Kanye. If he became President, he’d definitely make the currency swankier by putting his face on them. And imagine how much fun using them would be! RIP Savings.  

2. White House Fashion Week

The West Family is a fashion powerhouse. Kim Kardashian West has a multimillion dollar makeup brand, KKW Beauty and Kanye is the creator of Yeezy, a footwear and clothing brand that revolutionized fashion. Their eldest daughter North is a walking talking runway and essentially all their kids dress better than 99% of the world. Their wardrobe is home to the latest designer wear and iconic vintage styles. We would not be surprised if they came up with their own version of Fashion Week, in the White House itself.

3. The White House would be renamed

Kanye is a visionary and doesn’t like labels. We know he’ll remove the “White” from “The White House”. It’ll be just “House” or maybe “The West House” (Kanye does love himself), who knows really. He’d change the interiors too. His current house is too exquisite and has a vibe completely opposite to that of the White House. What the change will be, we can’t say, but there will definitely be one.

The White House v/s The West House: A Complete Clash in Vibe

4. Kylie Jenner will run the Secret Service

If anyone can keep a good secret, it’s Kylie Jenner. As Kim once said, “Her pregnancy was the best kept secret of our generation”. If Kylie could trick the paparazzi and nosey tabloids for 9 months, she can trick anyone. The nation’s secrets would be safe with her, making her the prime candidate to run the Secret Service

5. Yeezy’s as financial rewards

The US govt gives back billions in pensions, 401Ks, tax returns, grants, rewards and more. With Kanye as POTUS, some these would definitely be converted into Yeezys, which makes sense considering how heavy their price tag is. Getting a brand new pair of Yeezy’s every year doesn’t sound that bad now, does it? Soon, every US citizen would have a pair of Yeezys.

6. The exile of Taylor Swift

The first thing Kanye will do as POTUS, is declare Taylor Swift an enemy of the state, and eventually have her exiled. He may seem to be above their feud, but that could change when he comes in office. After all, with great power comes the great urge to banish people from the country.

7. we’d get a great album out of it

Kanye West is a musical genuis. His songs are sheer brilliance and stand out from his competition. They’re powered by his passion. His latest album “Jesus is King” was ethereal in every way. If he becomes President, he will make an amazing album out of it. We’d get the inside scoop on the government in ways unimaginable.

All these things are ridiculous, agreed, but that seems to be USA’s current political agenda. United States of YE may not be a dream, but a distant reality. All we can do is wait and watch.


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