Cheer Up Your Day With These Stand Up Comic Specials!

Stand-up specials have seen a rise in the past decade. A whole new generation of stand-up comedians have emerged and are doing well in the industry. Comedy became a part of our daily entertainment with comedy clubs and open mics being hosted regularly in the major cities in the country Their shows go house full, and they have a huge fan base and have risen to popularity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they have become a household name for this generation.  It’s not just Youtube and other social media platforms that these stars put up their shows, OTT streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon have also started streaming their content. Guess what! They have become a rage already. 

So if you want to laugh your heart out and beat your mid-week blues, here we present the list of comic specials to watch on Amazon and Netflix. 

1. Vir Das For India

Where To Watch – Netflix 

Want to watch a quintessential show about all things desi? Well, Vir Das For India is then the perfect choice. Vir Das can be rightly called the most sought-after name in the Indian comedy circuit. His show is extremely heartwarming and will give you a sense of nostalgia, but not without the punch of reality on your face. In this comic special, he talks about our love for Parle -G biscuits, old monk, and over-the-top weddings. We can say that there is no other comedian who has mastered the art of using the perfect one-liners to describe Indians. 

The other Vir Das Shows to watch on Netflix is Vir Das abroad understanding, and Inside Out

2.  Haq Se Single By Zakir Khan

Where To Watch- Amazon Prime 

Zakir Khan rose to fame with his one-liners like ‘Badal Important Hai’ and ‘Sakht Launda’. Zakir has a knack for storytelling, and he keeps the audience hooked to his stories with the help of amazing one-liners, anecdotes, and poetry. People feel connected and relatable to his comedy. Haq se Single is one such beautifully written and executed comic special where it touches upon his lack of luck in relationships, guy friendships, and the dynamics in a father-son relationship. 

The Other Zakir Khan Show to Watch on Amazon Prime is Kaksha Gyaravi 

3. The Most Interesting Person In The Room By Kenny Sebastian

Where To Watch – Netflix 

Kenny Sebastian – the paavam guy was already popular with his Chai Time on Youtube, and his popularity just increased with each performance he gave. One of the best stand-up specials by Kenny Sebastian is The Most Interesting Person In The Room. This Bangalore boy adds humor to the daily eccentricities of life, making his content extremely relatable. He has made comedy out of the most unimaginable things like the chappal, relationship with music, and more. Kenny makes sure that his comedy is devoid of dirty humor, thus making it PARENT Friendly too. So if you were looking for some shows to watch with your entire family, Kenny Sebastian’s shows are the ones that you MUST choose. 

The Other Kenny Sebastian shows to watch on Amazon Prime are Don’t Be That Guy and Sketchy Behaviour 

4. Biswa Mast Aadmi By Biswa Kalyan Rath

Where To Watch – Amazon Prime Video   

Biswa Kalyan Rath hails from the eastern state of Odisha, and he caught the attention of the audience with his Pretentious Movie Reviews with his fellow comedian Kanan Gill. He had no turning back then, his extremely funny way of telling stories instantly connected with the audience. He tells us stories from his childhood, from his college, and he also makes sure that he connects his first joke to his last one in an interesting way. 

The other Biswa Kalyan Rath Show To Watch On Amazon Prime Is Sushi  

5. Don’t Tell Amma By Sumukhi Suresh 

Where To Watch:- Amazon Prime Video  

The most authentic voice to look out for is Sumukhi Suresh. She tells us stories of being a South Indian girl. Her show Don’t Tell Amma is something everyone will relate to. You are definitely going to laugh your gut out while you watch Sumukhi perform on stage. In this comic special, she will joke about her experience growing up in a strict Tamilian family, about her mom, about how women have no time for love. 

While you watch Don’t Tell Amma, don’t forget to watch her show Pushpavalli on Amazon Prime Video. 

6.  EIC Outrage

Where To Watch:- Amazon Prime Video 

If political and topical comedy is the type you are looking for, then EIC Outrage is the show you must pick. Right from the topic of demonetization to Godmen and global warming, the team has put together extraordinary views in the most hilarious way possible for the audience, and you just can’t stop watching. This group of East India Comedy features Sapan Verma, Sahil Shah, Sorabh Pant, Azem Banatwalla, Atul Khatri, Kunal Rao, and Angad Singh Ranyal.

Another EIC Show to watch is EIC V/s Bollywood  On Youtube. 

7. Obsessive Comedic Disorder By Sapan Verma 

Where To Watch:- Amazon Prime Video

A comedian is known to take the most ordinary topic and turn it into something really funny. Yes! This is none other than Sapan Verma. In this comic special, Obsessive Comedic Disorder, Sapan speaks about Uber drivers, taking selfies, and almost everything under the sun. Throughout the show, you will be laughing till your cheeks hurt and he will also make you question some of your own behavior with his comic. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead! Beat your mid-week blues with Sapan Verma’s comic special. 

Do watch One Night Stand on Amazon Prime, where you will find some funny gigs from Sapan Verma too. 

8.  Keep It Real  By Kanan Gill

Where To Watch:- Amazon Prime 

Kanan Gill, also rose to fame after his show pretentious movie reviews were a success. Kanan shows us the comedy in our real life and makes us laugh hard at our life situations. Kanan Gill’s Keep It Real is a must-watch if you love comedy that is real! 

Kanan Gill has a lot of comic specials on his list but does watch his Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill on Netflix. 

Well, these are the shows to lighten up your mood mid-week. Do watch them and let us know if you liked these shows! 

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