12 Indian Stand Up Comedy Clips To Make You Laugh Instantly

What does 2021 need? More comedy. And who has more content to share than Indian comedians stuck in lockdown? No one. Laugh your socks off with these shorts videos from Indian stand up comedians set to make you LOL and ROFL and every other humorous acronym on the planet. 

1. Neville Shah 

Can divorce be funny? According to our bawa, definitely. Neville Shah *literally* rants about how difficult it is to get a divorce in India, how everyone is involved in what is a private  process between 2 people, and how he feels about the courts. 

2. Ramya Rampriya

From talking about the unspoken etiquette in Mumbai locals to the difference between Bombay and Bangalore, Ramya makes us chuckle with her wry humor, talks of dating and dating apps, and protection. 

3. Urooj Ashfaq 

Relationships are complex on their own, but casual relationships? They are an entirely different matter, and Urooj seems to have a firm grasp on the topic as her relatable jokes makes us laugh, and then makes us think – wait, have we done that? (Answer: yes)

4. Prashanti Singh 

The funniest kid on the block, Prashanti Singh has fully embraced the UP jokes in this video, where she talks about why she always goes back home, real estate, and Ravish Kumar. 

 5. Zakir Khan

Pyaar Ek Dhoka Hai – you are right, Zakir, but that does not stop us from laughing at his stand up titled Babu Khana Kha Lo. Zakir, in his iconic style, makes us relive the embarrassing moments of our lives in this comedy. 

6. Rohan Joshi

Okay this one is less funny and more preachy, but trust us, everyone needs to hear this. Joshi talks to every one of us going through tough times, and tells us exactly what he needs to hear to get through the day.

 7. Ashish Shakya

Another anomaly, but you will love this one! In this promotional roast, along with other comedians, Ashish Shakya takes on Anil Kapoor and absolutely roasts the s**t out of him.  

8. Azeem Banatwalla

Azeem is one of those underrated comedians whose knack for making us laugh makes us want to watch his videos on loop. Here, he takes on the most sought after news of 2020 after COVID, drug busts in India. Trust us, you’ll want to bookmark this one. 

9. Sahil Shah

The bowtie wearing lover of dogs is usually fun to watch, and this time is no exception. Sahil Shah takes on ghosts and ghost stories, and why he won’t be scared when he meets one (we think he’s lying, but we’ll give him a chance).

10. Sorabh Pant

This ex- EIC member is full of cackles, and in one of his most funny videos yet, he talks about what kids want, and how friends are always, always going to mess things up. 

11. Rahul Subramanian

Last year, Rahul had a crowd work show in Bangalore, where he talks to the audience, and makes us laugh in the process. This is part 1 of 2, and the other is equally hilarious as well. 

12. Rahul Dua

If the audience getting insulted is your jam, Rahul Dua is your man. While he attempts to understand why someone would name a movie Nache Naagin Gali Gali, he also roasts the audience and basically everyone who gets in his way. A truly memorable show. 

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