10 Young Singers on Instagram You Should Be Following, if You Aren’t Already

Instagram has become much more than a photo-sharing platform in the past couple of years. It’s no more just a medium to connect with people, but a platform where you can entertain and be entertained. It has given a chance to some amazingly talented people, young artists, and small businesses to reach a wide audience and get recognition for the work they do!

And while I refuse to take responsibility for my own actions and blame my endless scrolling on Instagram itself, I do thank it for helping me come across some great creators. Not gonna lie, I have a super long list of content creators that I love watching, but cover artists top it for me! Some of them even make original music, which makes me wonder-where does all this talent come from?!

Well, that will probably take a little while to figure out. But meanwhile, here’s a list of my favourite cover artists from Instagram that you must follow to bless your feed with some soulful music!

1. Viepsa

2. Akshath Acharya

3. Melissa Srivastava

4. Janani

5. Ashwin Adwani

6. Saahel

7. Noor Kaur Chahal

8. Tanishka Bahl

9. Karan Nawani

10. Stavya Kaila

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