5 real reasons why Rowdy Baby got 1 billion views on YouTube

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the hit song Rowdy Baby from Dhanush’s 2018 hit film Maari 2, has officially hit 1 BILLION views on YouTube. Honestly, I’m not even surprised. This song is probably going to be a hit for another century, surpassing viral numbers like “Why This Kollavari Di” and “High Rated Gabru”. Why? Here are just 5 reasons (among a billion):

1. The goddamn music!

Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for Maari 2, and while other songs were more or less stereotypical, Rowdy Baby became a sensation. Raja is the son of legendary music director Ilayaraja, and its clear that music runs in the blood. This song’s music is a mix of everything local and global. Electric guitar is fused with “dappaang kuthu” local music, bringing in audiences from all over the world. The music makes you wanna get up and DANCE.


For the first time, I didn’t even look at Dhanush on screen. Sai Pallavi’s insane dancing skills and charismatic onscreen presence is enough to grab all the attention. Here, she pops-n-locks just as well (even better) as the men do, her expressions are absolutely entertaining and she pulls every step off in pants, jeans, anarkalis, and even a tux! A doctor who dances, sings and acts makes Sai Pallavi a quadruple threat, and somebody we can’t help love.

3. Prabhudeva’s insane choreography

Only Prabhudeva could be eccentric enough to choreograph such insanely difficult steps. The toughest hiphop moves, the most romantic steps intertwined with youthful, lively ones, all the while creating new, trendy dance steps for 2019…Prabhudeva knows how to keep up with the times and orchestrate dances that will remain immortal.

4. The cheeky, hilarious lyrics

“En kari kozhambae
Un kutty puppy naan
Take me
Take me” sings Dhee, later on going onto sing:
“Unnala yei moodaachu
My hormoneu balanceu damageu”

Dhanush sings: “Raa…you are my
Only girlfriendu
I will give you poochendu
We will make us new trendu baby”, and boy was he right!

This duet has been the latest trend for almost two years now, and these cheeky lyrics are a big reason why. Not overly laden with euphemisms and sexual overtones, these lines are cute, poking fun at the many emotions of love, and very much relatable to the current generation.

5. This Dude

This dude is so funny, he randomly shows up — a literal kabab mein haddi — and shatters Sai Pallavi’s dream. Earlier on he pulls out a jovial dancer, and here he ruins the fantasy, bringing us back to dreary reality. We love this dude.

If anything, Rowdy Baby only proves that Indian movies are incomplete without song and dance. These songs and dances are exactly what make our films so unique, so entertaining, and so important in pop culture.

I’m super thrilled that this song has reached 1 billion views. It definitely is worthy.

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What is the real reason why you love Rowdy Baby? Let us know!

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