5 Thoughts You’ll Have While Watching the ‘Diamond Da Challa’ Music Video by Neha Kakkar & Parmish Verma

Lockdown clearly isn’t stopping any creativity. It’s encouraging it and musicians have been ON. A. ROLL. Just yesterday, Neha Kakkar released a new music video for her song Diamond Da Challa featuring Parmish Varma, composed by Rajat Nagpal and lyrics by Vicky Sandhu. If you haven’t watched it already, do so before you move on:

So, here are 5 thoughts that you were definitely thinking while watching this music video:

1 / 5

Damn, they both have great hair.

Seriously, I am growing a jungle on my head. How have these 2 managed to get some clearly very good hair stylists? I guess I just have to become a huge star and get millions of followers and have my own music video, and a hair stylist will follow me around even during a global pandemic.

2 / 5

Totally getting Jab We Met vibes

Bro, the patiala-style salwar kameez, the fun Punjabi music and dancing, the gorgeous green kheti fields…It’s like they’ve remixed — sorry, been inspired by — Jab We Met. It’s cute. We like it.

3 / 5

Huh. Turns out Neha Kakkar doesn’t only sing remixes.

Turns out she actually does quite a few original songs. Like this one. That isn’t too bad to the ear, once you get over the initial pain. This song is cute and fun, peppy and not too loud. Neha, we only have one question for you now: why do you choose to remix our old, favourite B-wood songs??

4 / 5


Even if it’s just for the music video. Neha and Parmish, I don’t care if you two are lovers who haven’t met in years. When you’re in a public place, please wear your mask. Must I remind you of the rising covid cases in Punjab & Haryana?

5 / 5

Why have visa officers never come to my home and danced with me to approve my visa?

What? Visa officers arrive and approve their visas like this? First of all, if they love being desi so much why do they want to leave? And did they ever get married? Also, why does my visa keep getting cancelled and theirs was approved by fun officers dancing with them? So many questions. So much confusion. Sigh.

What did you think of the music video of Diamond da Challa?
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