7 dappan koothu fan covers of Rowdy Baby you have to check out

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the hit song Rowdy Baby from Dhanush’s 2018 hit film Maari 2, has officially hit 1 BILLION views on YouTube. Honestly, I’m not even surprised. This song is probably going to be a hit for another century, surpassing viral numbers like “Why This Kollavari Di” and “High Rated Gabru”.

Fans everywhere have been following this track for almost 2 years now, and some talented ones have even made it their own. Check out these kickass covers of Rowdy Baby:

Basil Rahman’s enchanting melody of Rowdy Baby is unique

Anjali and Rapzilla’s funky duet version makes us groove

Abha’s gorgeous vocals + acoustic guitar totally remake this song

Samuel’s piano cover is a refreshing take of Rowdy Baby

While Mariann’s instrumental acapella blows our mind!

Similarly, Satthiya’s 4-piece self-acapella version is super melodious

And we just love Java Kumar’s badass electric guitar of the intro 🤘

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