7 Mother’s Day Songs, Bollywood Style

It’s Mother’s Day, which means all that we can do for the amazing moms who birthed us, raised us, scolded us and cared for us, is just tell them ‘thank you’. Nothing that we can do for them will ever compare for all that they have done for us over the years. But what’s within our capabilities is perhaps cooking a nice meal for them. Smiling at them and making them a card. And perhaps also playing some beautiful, thankful music during this dinner that we have cooked for them, will earn us all those brownie points we NEED next time we wanna sneak out at night (when lockdown ends).

Here’s your Mother’s Day playlist, curated just for all those special moms out there. Inspired by Bollywood and dedicated to the crazy, selfless phenomenon of motherhood itself:

Maa Ka Phone

Oh shit, that moment when you look at your phone and there are *10* missed calls from ‘Ma’–that moment is the fucking scariest moment ever. This song from Khoobsurat, Maa Ka Phone, captures this very moment of fear and tension hilariously. Watch this, and dance with your mom a bit. And pick up her phone nex time!

Nagari Nagari Dware Dware

Mother India will always be the all-time Mother of All Movies. Nargis plays the most selfless, loving, headstrong and fearless mother of two children. Her love for them is generous and asks for little in return. She is more than just a mother; she represents the ‘motherland’–the idea of India that Indians must try and subscribe too. And she will go to great lengths if her own sons disobey, as the movie portrays.

Navrai Maajhi

The Mother of all Sangeet Songs, Navrai Maajhi is festive, celebratory, and in just one word: cute! At every beti ki shaadi, her mother will pakka dance to this one song at the Sangeet. Play this song, and dance with your mom. And just look at Sridevi’s seamless beauty and kickass dancing skills, man. God, I miss her. Okay, I’m gonna go cry a bucket now, brb.

Aisa Kyun Maa

This song is soft and sweet, with acoustic flavours that make it a perfect dedication to your sweet ol’ mom. It starts with the basic Hindi akshars, and grows up through a child’s entire life. This represents how mothers grow their children up, teach them everything from alphabets to science and maths, give them love and freedom and everything in between. It’s a beautiful number, and will pakka give you +100 bonus points from your mother.

Tu Kitni Achhi Hai

Get some 5-6 towels and a couple of buckets. Because you will be crying your balls out when this song plays. Sung by the one and only Lata Mangeshkar from the 1968 classic, Raja aur Runk, this song’s lyrics are what make it stand out. “Dukhne Laagi Hai Maa Teri Aankhiyaan, Mere Liye Jaagi Hai Tu Saari Saari Ratiyaan” captures the nights that our mothers have sacrificed for us.

Luka Chuppi

Lukka Chuppi is the GREATEST MOTHER’S DAY SONG WRITTEN IN THE HISTORY OF SONGS and I will fight you on this one if you disagree, okay. That line “lukka chuppi bahut hui, saamne aaja na. Kahaan kahaan dhoonda tujhe, thak gayi hai ab teri maa” has me bawling because in the scene her airforce son died okay, and it was tragic and I was a little 10 year old who couldn’t compose herself in the theatre. AR Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar created magic on screen, making this duet almost a conversation between a deceased son and his living mother. But their love lives on through music. Especially the part where they have a Sargam duet–just absolutely beautiful. This song is a mixture of Indo-Western musical elements, but it’s the tabla that absolutely stands out.

Meri Maa

Okay, I’m sorry. I know this playlist is turning out into a real sobfest, but main kya karu yaar. Bollywood gaane aise hi hote hai. They’re made to make us cry, but they also make us realise and value what all we have. Meri Maa from Taare Zameen Par has been set in stone as the millennial’s mother’s day song, and for good reason. It’s sung from a child’s perspective, and perfectly captures the confused emotions of longing and missing one’s mom. When kids are left on their own all of a sudden, the only thing that tethers them to safety is their mother. Missing one’s mother is a heavy, difficult emotion, and this song is an important reminder that even if your mother isn’t with you, she’s always with you in your memories. She’s always with you through songs like these.

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