Baahubali 2: Musical Countdown

It’s been 3 years since Baahubali: The Conclusion released, on 28 April 2017, but it’s definitely still alive in our hearts and minds. The Baahubali films were everything that the Indian audience didn’t have, but deserved: gradneur, splendor, beautiful storytelling, action, drama, romance, and an incredible cinematography that had never been seen before in Indian movies.

But the movie had another edge to it–the music. MM Keeravaani is a legend, and will go down in history for contrbuting legendary music to a legendary franchise. The music was as grand as period dramas deserve, but still modern and relatable to us today! Let’s go through them, shall we:

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Hamsa Naava

Sung by Sony and Deepu, Hamsa Naava can be described in one word: breathtaking. It’s a gorgeous duet tailored for Baahubali and Devasena, as they travel through roaring waves and misty skies, on a swan-shaped ship, with dancers swaying to the melodies. What a watch!

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Kanna Nidurinchara

A classical, carnatic song on the occasion of Janmashthami, this song reminds me of Mughal-e-Azam‘s Mohe Panghat Pe. Here too, the female leads are dancing, surrounded by beauty, and the overall music is as melodious as it is dance-worthy. Listen to it, and start practising your Bharatnatyam for once the lockdown is lifted! While Srinidhi Venkatesh and V Srisoumya sang it beautifully, credits go to Keeravaani for the musical composition. The flute stole the show!

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The perfect Telugu response to ‘Chale Chalo,’ this song will make you get off your lazy ass and GET TO WORK. I mean, if Baahubali and his pregnant wife, Devasena, can leave the comfort of their homes to labour in building innovative machinery, while in exile, then you can get off the bed and do that 7 minute home workout. Listen to Dandaalaaya, and get some work done.

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Saahore Baahubali

By far my favourite song from the film, I think this is Keeravaani’s masterpiece. The composition starts out slow, with a steady violin that sounds like melted butter. Then it gradually builds up, higher and higher, taking us through his trials and tribulations, his mother’s strength and illness, moments in battle, while also holding onto the softness of the music for moments of puja. But towards the end, the chants get louder and stronger, making your heart race and your feet tap. What a song. What music. What a background score. Saahore Baahubali!

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Oka Pranaam

Fierce and melodious, melancholic and celebratory, Oka Pranaam to me is a tribute to the legend that is Baahubali. The man, the story, the people, the kingdom, the women, the movie. The orchestra creates a composition that draws the listener in, inviting us into the world of Baahubali.

Thank you, Sri Keeravaani sir, for giving us such an epic, grand, larger-than-life score to a legendary film. The music only added to the movie’s grandeur, all the while staying true to carnatic and other musical genres, and giving us songs that we can listen to even today, in 2020.

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