Rihanna Becomes A Billionaire At 33 – Here’s How She Did It!

A Billionaire Without A Doubt!

Rihanna is now officially a billionaire! Yup! Forbes listed her as the richest women musician on the planet! Woah! Now that’s how you rule the world girl. The net worth of Rihanna is estimated to be a whopping  $1.7 billion and now we can say that all Rihanna sees is dollar signs everywhere. Her voice definitely did rule the charts, but her business also helped her attain this position. How did she do all this?

Well – “ Work, Work, Work, work, work, work.” Her song’s opening lines definitely serve as her personal motto. 

So, today, let us look at this queen’s journey who went from an Island Tomboy to a Platinum Top Sensation to the richest woman singer on the planet! Many did have the question how did she achieve it? As the icon hasn’t released a single album in the last 5 years! So, hang on in there, we will tell you about the woman who built her own empire!

A Troubled Childhood!

Rihanna’s story begins on a small island with a drug-addicted father and a producer who thought she can’t sing! Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born to humble parents on the island of Barbados. Her mother worked as an accountant and her father as a warehouse supervisor. She was the eldest of three siblings. Money was always an issue for them, and it never helped them meet two ends. In Spite of this, Rihanna’s dad would end up coming home drunk and the drug addiction led to physical abuse. Though her mother was always the first target, even Rihanna had fallen prey to her dad’s abuses. 

When her dad lost his job, food became scarce, she locked herself in and barely spoke, grades at school declined, was constantly bullied because of her complexion, but the queen stood tall and strong. She then found her comfort in the radio. She sang on to her hairbrush and would listen to her idols Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson. We can definitely say this was when she realized where her interest lies. But becoming a sensation on that small island seemed like a far-fetched dream! 

At 14, after her parents divorced, Rihanna started working to help her mom. She worked as a cash register and sold clothes in a stall on the street. Rihanna also started singing at the beach and social gatherings with the hope that the right person would hear her voice and that would be her chance at winning. Having faced a lot during her childhood, she decided that she will never be vulnerable and upheld a strong attitude (something that she holds upright till today)

The Break Through!

At 15, she formed a musical trio with her classmates and performed at all possible events. This was the time when producer Evan Rogers was on a vacation in Barbados. How would one miss this opportunity? Rihanna set up an audition with the help of her friend and nervously walked into the hotel where Evan was staying. The first thought was that the producer suspected that the pretty one (Rihanna) couldn’t sing.  After the audition, Rihanna left with hope, which later on turned into a reality. She got a call from him and he asked Rihanna to fly down to the United States for a demo recording. 

At 17, she auditioned in front of Jay Z and signed her first label. The song Pon de Replay came second on the US Billboard and was also amongst the top 5 hits worldwide. Bang on! She made it! It didn’t take much time after this for Rihanna to rise to fame. One by one her albums turned out to be hit and topped every chart. 

From then till now, she remembers one piece of advice that Jay Z gave her. He told her, “ Don’t change who you are, never forget where you came from, and always stay humble.”

Her popularity grew, she won her first Grammy awards, her music style changed, her music became suggestive and controversial, but all along the journey, her fanbase just kept on growing. 

Relationship With Chris Brown

She attained a different level of the limelight when she started dating Chris Brown. She, later on, found out that he was cheating and when she confronted him, it turned into a violent event of an abusive fight where Rihanna emerged injured. It soon became a media topic. She even gave him another chance, but it didn’t work out. 

Rise Of A Businesswoman

Within a decade she became the best-selling songwriter, singer, and actress. with over 540 million albums being sold worldwide and is also the youngest solo artist to score 14 Billboard music hits. But, she was never the one who would settle for less! She established herself as an entrepreneur. Her latest venture being Fenty Beauty, the first-ever makeup line to offer diversity for a variety of skin shades. Forbes evaluates the worth of Fenty (the company that started in 2017) to be at $2.8 billion. Rihanna owns 50% of it which means $1.4 billion making up the majority of her net worth. She even launched Savage x Fenty, a lingerie business, which is yet another billion company. Rihanna clearly knows how to expand her empire. 

Popularity In India

Speaking of her popularity in India, Rihanna’s songs were just popular amongst the youngsters and we can say that not every layman knew who Rihanna was, until one fine day she decided to tweet about the farmers’ protest going on in India. This tweet became the talk of the nation and everyone had just one thing to talk about – Rihanna and her tweet. 

Rihanna was always vocal about the issues going on around the world, but none expected her to tweet about the farmer’s protest. Rihanna, a queen with more than 103 million followers on her social media accounts left the nation and the world wondering why she posted that tweet? 

Many thanked her for the support she showed, while the others bashed her and said that her interference isn’t required. #IndiaTogether and #IndiaAgainstPropaganda were used in the statement by the Ministry Of External Affairs, and it found its support from many celebrities. 

People who didn’t know or have any interest in her kind of music were overnight trying to find out more and listen more to understand more about the woman behind the tweet.

A tweet that received millions of likes and retweets! This incident made Rihanna a popular name in India too. Some called it propaganda while the others a genuine concern for farmers. And as it is said – good or bad, a publicity is a publicity! 

And now Rihanna, with her hard work has earned a position far superior to any of her competitors and has emerged as the richest woman singer! 

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