5 Viral Songs On Social Media That You Cannot Stop Listening

Even after man has landed on the moon, social media remains the weirdest place in the universe. One day you are going about your life, and the next day an Instagram reel will have you singing Rasode Me Kaun Tha all day long. Especially during the lockdown days, creators are coming up with recipes, dance moves, and much more interesting stuff while vibing to these songs that gain overnight popularity. Let’s look at some of the viral songs on social media that we cannot get enough of. 

1. Bajre Da Sitta

The newest trend on social media, this song has taken the world by storm, and even celebrities are getting in on the trend. Rashmeet Kaur’s voice is now booming over thousands of Instagram reels, and we love every second of it.

2.  Scam 1992 Theme

We might never figure out what the lyrics to this theme song are, but we sure will create reels out of it. Hansal Mehta’s Scam 1992’s theme has everyone performing stunts, or even creating their own covers of the song. 

3.  Main Tera

The Kalank title track has soulful lyrics, but two words from the song had the entire social media community under it’s spell. Main Tera was stuck in our heads all day long, but we would never trade a second of it. 

4. Kaise Kahe

Jodhaa Akbar’s Jashn-E-Bahaara is pure magic, and Anumita Nadesan’s spin on it has the entire social media community swooning over her voice. Without any music, her voice rocks our soul and never lets go. 

5. For Aisha

From The Sky Is Pink, this song by Evan Giia is a mix of Punjabi and English, and manages to catch our hearts with every beat of the song. It’s steadily gaining momentum, but social media is already heads over heels with the song. 

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