10 Female Travel Bloggers On Instagram That You Must Follow Now!

If you constantly dream of going to new places and exploring them, then my friend you are qualified to be called a traveler. Aaahhh! we know how 2020 just ruined our travel plans and the only traveling we ever did was a walk to the kitchen from our bedroom. But now since cities and states are welcoming tourists who are completely vaccinated, our hopes have hit a new high.

So if you are planning your next trip then do check out the pages of these really cool female travel bloggers, you might just end up finding a new destination to explore. If you are not vaccinated and are waiting to get the jab, then get yourself a virtual tour of the beautiful world outside.

So here we are with the list of top 10 female travel bloggers you must follow now to get some major travel goals.

1. Radhika Nomellers

Id:- @radhika_nomllers

If you are planning to travel solo to some really beautiful locations then Radhika is the one you should follow. She has some really realistic travel plans and itineraries. Check out her Instagram and Youtube handles.

2. Shenaz

ID:- @shenaztreasury

Her Instagram handle not just gives travel goals but spreads positivity too. Her smile and the way she interacts just make us feel a direct connection with her.

3. Kritika Goel

Id:- @kritika_goel

Right from Phi Phi islands to Varanasi, you name it and she has traveled there. It won’t be wrong to say that she is actually making travel easier for girls who travel solo.

4. Aakansha Monga

Id:- @aakanksha.monga

Trust me you will instantly want to pack your bags and leave once you check her profile out. Her bio says, “15 days of leave a year, here’s how I use them!” Well folks, use your wisely now. Check out her itineraries too.

5. Sharanya Iyer

Id:- @trulynomadly

Her Instagram handle makes me want to quit my job and pursue full-time traveling. It seems that the experience and cultural experience that she is gaining is beyond what any 9 to 5 job can fulfill.


Id:- @travelwithcg

Aesthetic photos and beautiful destinations make Charu Goyal’s account a must-follow. Her page is a delight to watch. (And now I desperately need such beautiful pictures)


Id:- @travelocorn

She is definitely the happy hippie on the road. Follow her if you consider yourself a travel freak (you will definitely thank me later) She makes us feel that we are part of her travel which develops a personal connection.


ID:- @mishti.and.meat

Do you want to fall in love with mountains all over again? Then Shramona’s account is something you need to follow. You will have some best treks to add to your bucket list. (Well, her beach travels are equally beautiful) Ohh yes! you MUST follow her account for some classic wallpapers too. She posts them every Monday.


Id:- @postcardchronicles

An interesting username right? Well, check her Instagram handle and you will be equally amazed. It’s just beautiful and you just can’t miss her account.


ID:- @larissa_wlc

Pretty pictures, amazing locations, cafe recommendations, and much more. Her travel stories will just inspire you to travel more.

So have I convinced you to travel more?

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