8 Most Beautiful Indian Wedding Ads That Caught Everyone’s Attention

Are you one of them who has their wedding attire planned and has already decided what will be the venue and how and to which song you will make your bridal entry? Well then, this is just for you!

Indian weddings are so beautiful that the concept itself gives me butterflies. So, if you are just like me, then stop whatever you are doing and watch these wedding ads that caught everyone’s attention. (Trust me these are the ads that will make you forget that there is a skip option too.)

1. One That Gave Us Happy Tears

Kalyan Jewellers hit the right spot with this ad. Katrina Kaif, Amitabh Bachchan, and Chiranjeevi starter this ad will make you smile and cry at the same time. The purest bond is captured with utmost brilliance and beauty.

2. Kanyamaan

Sirf Kanya Daan Hi Kyun? A concept as beautiful as this one was portrayed in the most heart-touching way by Alia Bhatt. Her dialogues literally connect to every girl out there. As much as the ad received love, it faced flak for altering the traditions of a Hindu marriage. Many didn’t accept the concept of #Kanyamaan.

3. Magic Of Virushka

Well, even before the dreamy pictures and videos from Virat and Anushka’s actual marriage went viral, Manyavar’s ad had shown us how beautiful these two would look with each other. Virushka exchanging vows here just made us fall in love with the concept of marriage!

They even came up with a follow-up ad which was even cuter and this ad made me say – Where is my prince charming?

4. Change Is Beautiful

Apparel brand BIBA surprised us all with its new take on arranged marriages. This ad instantly became a hit and was shared the most when it was released.

5. Breaking Stereotypes!

When Tanishq told the story of a single mom tying knot again, it melted our hearts and made us believe that love is all that you need to marry.


If this ad doesn’t make you cry, then I don’t know what will? This is really special for all the father – daughters out there who share a bond which is not just pure but really beautiful. This is something we can’t even explain. No matter how old you grow, a daughter will always be their dad’s little princess. Tanishq won hearts yet again.


This one has my heart. This ad literally said that the heavy lehengas are not everyone’s choice and that the bride is free to wear what she is comfortable in. Snapdeal did a great job at this. And I must say the bride looked really cool in the outfit she chose.


“Maan Dene Se Maan Milta Hai” – A perfectly said line and a well perfectly crafted ad that touched our soul. Let a daughter’s wedding be no more a burden on the dad. Manyavar comes up with really cool ads, we must say.

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