Nailed It Season 4: Mediocrity in a Dish, Marvelous on TV

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You know that feeling of awe you get when you watch Masterchef contestants making decadent, delicious food items, and you wonder how they do it? Well, if you’re far too familiar with that feeling, Nailed It is the perfect show for you.

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Contestants are called on the show: people like you and I, totally normal with no expert cooking skills. Or any cooking skills, whatsoever. They’re given 45 minutes to an hour to recreate intricate, extravagant food items—generally cakes and desserts—and are judged based on taste, presentation, and their ability to “nail it,” it being the task of recreating a model given to them. The host, Nicole Byer, judges the results along with famous confectioner, Jacques Torres, and the guest judge (who is different every episode).

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This ends up with hilarious results. Every episode has a theme, like ‘90s, Wedding, Indiana Jones, Shakespeare and Moby Dick, and Cowboy, to name a few. They’re not easy, and there’s a sadistic pleasure you get in watching the contestants trying, and often failing. But what’s inspiring is the fact that they’re just regular joes like us, but really try to bring these mammoth tasks to life. You find yourself sitting and worrying, “how are they going to do it?” because it’s not just a cake: it’s layers, cream, fondant, design…phew. You’ve got to give them props for trying.

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That’s why I give the show 4/5 stars. It’s super heartwarming and encouraging to watch non-professionals try their hand at baking. It celebrates imperfection, and the judges very kindly find things they like in dishes that are half-done, or even total disasters. The point of baking isn’t always to make the perfect cake; it’s to make the person eating it happy. It’s about the taste. And unlike Gordon Ramsay’s yelling, or Masterchef’s cold judgment, this show is wacky, hilarious, and seems to follow the motto “as long as you tried.”

Who doesn’t love watching that.

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