5 Reasons Why We’re So Pumped For Mirzapur Season 2

Earlier today, Amazon Prime Video released the video announcement date of Mirzapur’s second season and suddenly, 2020 doesn’t seem all that hopeless. Before we go any further, watch the announcement here:

Crazy, right? 23-10-20 AKA 23rd October 2020 is the date on which the internet is going to crash. Because ever since the series came out on Prime Video in 2018, it has had a sudden and growing fanbase. Here’s why we’re so pumped about season 2:

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Because it’s a rare show that handles both drama and authenticity perfectly

Look, there is a barrage of webseries being debuted on a daily basis that explore the ‘dark, gritty underbelly’ of India’s heartland. But Mirzapur is one of the rare shows that does this unabashedly while maintaining a strong plot and believable character arcs. The whole world of drugs, guns and lawlessness doesn’t exist just for the sake of existing; it’s there to show the audience what real life is like. But the drama, the intrigue, the slickness of the episodes just point towards how gripping the series is.

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Uh…have you seen the star cast?

Okay, Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyendu Sharma, Shweta Tripathi, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rasika Duggal…need I go on? It’s literally the orgasmic dream of every indie show creator and audience! Each actor is impeccable and brings to life characters that we don’t see often in mainstream media. Each character is developed so well and their storylines are fascinating and believable; it’s really fun to watch them interact with one another.

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The plot thickens…

There’s so much to explore this season! Bablu is no more alive so what decisions will his family have to take on his behalf? Especially his father, who will be part of all potential attempts to end the Mafia Raj in Mirzapur? Also, I miss Sweety already. Oh, and what about Guddu now–will the Tripathis back him? Ugh, so many reasons to be excited!

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The Kickass Music by John Stewart Eduri

Mirzapur’s title track composed by John Stewart Eduri

A webseries is as good as its music composition, cinematography, script, dialogues, makeup, background score…basically, it takes a village. Luckily, the Mirzapur village has a talented music composer who has designed a soundtrack that epitomises the show’s chilling, thrilling and authentic tone. Retaining Indian sounds, it moves towards a grander tune while always bringing us back to the intensity of each moment and episode. This is a rare show because I don’t skip this title track. Which I do for most other webseries.

5 / 5

Because this is rare, hopeful news in 2020

I’m tired of going over how awful 2020 has been; I don’t even think it’s needed anymore, actually. We all know how terribly difficult it’s been for us all. So this teaser actually gives us something to look forward to, something that will entertain us and distract us, albeit briefly, from our miserable reality. October is only 2 months away. We cannot wait.

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