6 Important Lessons We Learned From Never Have I Ever 2

The second season of Never Have I Ever hit top 10 of the streamer’s list on Netflix the day it dropped. And rightly so! With a show this relatable and funny, who can even resist themselves?

What I love about Never Have I Ever is that it has more than just laughs to offer. Through all that wit and humour that makes you giggle, the show also teaches you a thing or two about life, emotions, and relationships. Very much like the first season, the all-new season 2 of Never Have I Ever does this job well! It teaches us some important life lessons that only a few comedy-drama shows can manage to do.   

Here’s what season 2 of the show teaches us,    

1. Never Try To Fit In

There’s always a gap between what we want to be and what we think the world wants us to be. A lot of us often feel pressurised to fit in. To please people around us, we start changing ourselves and lose the most special parts of our personalities in the process. Watching Fabiola trying to fit in with Eve’s super woke group of queer friends, only to start skipping her robotics practice (which she loves more than anything else) just made me realize that fitting in is a constant struggle. Be yourself! The people who actually deserve to be with you will accept you as you are. You do not need to seek anyone’s approval, you do not need to fake your music taste, and you certainly do not need to wear leather jackets for people to like you!  

2. The Art of Genuine Apology

We all make mistakes and sometimes hurt people with our words or actions. Intentionally or not, it is important that we apologize. And for that, we need to take responsibility and show compassion. Devi’s grand apology to Aneesa (for spreading a rumour about her) doesn’t work because she makes it more about her own suspension and less about the person she has harmed. Only then when she truly realizes the amount of pain she has caused Aneesa, she is able to apologize sincerely. Moral of the story: Sincere apologies >>> grand apologies.

3. Love Is Blind. Blind to Red Flags!

This one probably doesn’t even need an explanation. We all have a friend who straight up ignores all red flags in their relationships. No matter how much their loved ones try to warn them about the same, they jump right in and turn a blind eye to all the signs! If you do not have a friend like that, chances are…you are that friend! Eleanor’s relationship with the new guy in this season teaches us how our vision blurs when we think we’ve found the one and end up hurting ourselves. So keep your eyes open folks, spot those red flags and leave while you can!  

4. Don’t Settle

Just because you’ve wanted something for long, doesn’t mean you should accept it the way it is, when you finally get it. Refuse to settle when something doesn’t meet your expectations! Devi knew what she wanted in a relationship and decided to break up with Paxton when he refused to give her that. She decided against settling! Imagine how hard that must have been, considering that she had been wanting to date Paxton since 6th grade. Know your worth, you know you deserve better!  

5. Moving On Takes Time and That’s Okay

We are emotional creatures. We struggle to heal from the intense pain of loss. Healing is messy and there’s no timeline for it. Devi and her mom try to recover from the loss of Devi’s father in their own ways only to realize that they still have a long way to go. Watching Devi struggle to gather her feelings and start acting out in several ways made me realise that emotions are tough to deal with. And while we go through that struggle, it’s okay to take our time and it’s okay to fall apart. We are only humans:) 

6. Ferrero Rocher Equals Luxury in All Brown Households

Last but not least – no matter where you live, no matter how wealthy you are, if you are a brown family, Ferrero Rocher is a synonym of luxury and elegance for you. I mean we all saw how the pyramid of Ferrero Rochers that Aneesa brings to Devi’s home impresses her mother LMAO. And like McEnroe rightly said, “For Indian people, that’s the Rolex of confection gift boxes!”  

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