6 real reasons why we love Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai

If there is one TV show that I wish never stopped airing, it is Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai. I honestly feel terrible for the current generation because they never watched this stellar comedy; never got burnt by Maya’s savageness or laughed at Monisha’s antics. Well, lucky for us we can always stream Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai on Disney+ Hotstar.


1. Rosesh’s beautiful kavitas

momma o momma
tumne mujhe janam dia
itna bada karam kia…

Rosesh is a kavi…well, at least he seems to think so. Some of the best scenes in this TV series are the ones in which he brings out his book of poems and wows us all. Of course, the reactions are the best. Indravadan is always ready with some sarcastic jab, Monisha sweetly claps, Maya tries hard to suppress her comments and reacts as a mother should, while Sahil is generally left speechless or offers up a witty reply. Rosesh’s kavitas are what make this show what it is.

2. Madhusudhan bhai’s adorable (annoying) deafness

“HAIN” is probably his only dialogue. Poor Madhusudan bhai, he can barely hear and he’s the bane of everyone’s existence. Arvind Vaidya, the actor who plays him, is fabulous at being the spaced out, lost Madusudan bhai who irritates everybody because of his bad ears. What a fantastically written character.

3. Maya’s home was expectations, but Monisha’s place was reality

Maya’s home is clean, neat, classy, probably smells really great, too. Monisha’s home, on the other hand is full of things, messy, has garbage and laundry lying around. Be honest, Maya’s blue, suave home is your dream house goals, but you actually live just like Monisha.

4. Nayesha, aka Sahil

Sumeet Raghavan’s acting chops really came out so well in this series, because he got to play multiple characters. Our favourite? Nayesha. Nayesha is none other than Maya’s own sister, who is classy and well-travelled and somehow looks uncannily like Sahil. To Maya’s horror, Nayesha falls for Monisha’s cousin and this leads to a comedy of hilarious errors.

5. “That’s so middle class” is the most savage burn ever

Maya Sarabhai’s consistent jab at Monisha is her utterly middle-class behaviour. Which results in hilarious burns, with Maya pointing out things that are not up to her standards. The line “that’s so middle class” has become part of all of our vocabularies, and even resulted in some iconic memes. Thank God for Ratna Pathak Shah.

6. Indravadan happily eating is all of us

Look, Indravadan doesn’t ask for much in life. All he really wants is some good food, some good jokes and to make fun of Rosesh. Majjani life. Be honest, you’ve felt like an Indravadan at some point or another. Haven’t you also wanted to jut eat without thinking, eat only to enjoy and chill out in life?

Us too.

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What is the real reason why you love Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai? Let us know!

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