6 Reasons to Watch Basement Company on MXPlayer

When Rahul, Raj and Simran are transferred to the basement — their new permanent office, it’s nothing like they thought their first jobs would be. Their dreams of A/C rooms and glass ceilings are replaced with a dingey basement, leaky pipes and poor WiFi. And thus Basement Company begins.

We’re not going to state the obvious: that we’re bored under lockdown, that we’re in need of quality entertainment, that it’s a blessing that new content can be binged on a daily basis. No, we’re not going to delve into those things. Instead we’re going to tell you the real reasons why you should begin watching Basement Company, the latest Indian web series on MXPlayer.

Basement Company, directed by Divyanshu Malhotra, released on MXPlayer on June 24. Key cast members are Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora and Mayur More. The story is written by Tarun Dudeja and Parijat Joshi

Here are six perfectly legit reasons to watch Basement Company, all that I discovered as I binge-watched the entire thing all morning (don’t tell my Boss):

6 / 6

The Star Cast

Starring Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora and Mayur More in the leads as Raj, Simran and Rahul respectively, Basement Company is a fun, delectable show because of their talented, honest portrayals of the trials and tribulations that millennials go through during their first jobs. Arora, Arora and More are fine actors, skilled and intelligent in presenting these characters as quirky but very real beings–similar to our own friends and peers.

5 / 6

Free streaming!

Yup, Basement Company is one of the many Mirchi Play Originals that is available on MXPlayer, free to stream! Baement Company is a series of five episodes ranging from 23-29 minutes long, entertaining enough to hold your attention, and light enough to make you forget your worries for a while. Put it on at your next Zoom date, or your family TV night, sit back and enjoy the show.

4 / 6

Relatable first job fears

“Pehli job pehli girlfriend ki tarah hoti hai. Bahut dard deti hai,” is what Pankaj Sir says to Rahul on the last episode’s flashback scene, when they’re recounting their job application processes. All of us can relate to Simran, Raj and Rahul, because we’ve all been through the anxiety and stress, the confusion and over compensatory behaviours that become our personality during our first jobs. We’ve all had empowered moments of deciding to quit, first day confusions of where we are, and huge milestones that teach us how to grow and learn in our respective fields. Basement Company captures all of this with ease.

3 / 6

Accurate portrayal of millennial pressures

Phones dying have terrible consequences. Liking a co-worker can make our jobs fun and exhausting. Losing friends at work can be depressing. And the pressure to make it, to find the job that’s perfectly suited for us, is something that all us millennials can relate to. And it’s also what the trio goes through during the 5-episode series.

2 / 6

The very real struggle of Adulting

Yeah, jobs aren’t always about decorating your desk and traveling to work in a stylish car. They’re also about grueling presentations, corporate drama, annoying hierarchies, and working super hard, long hours to get that paycheck every month. Only to do the same thing all over again for the next month. That’s Adulting. That’s the nasty reality check that Raj, Siran and Rahul get, and we can all laugh at them because we’ve all been in the same boat.

1 / 6

Cute friendship moments that we all relate to

Even though Adulting isn’t the easiest, even though it’s boring and you feel tired all the time, Basement Company also shows us the upside that comes with first jobs: office friendships. Raj and Rahul are friends right from the first episode, and when Simran walks into the dingey basement that is their new office, it’s like their world has lit up (literally, because she does beautify the basement with fairy lights). Although they go through their own turbulence of romantic feelings and confusions, the three of them become good friends. Genuine friends, friends who help each other out when their Boss exerts pressure upon them, who give advice when they’re confused about quitting or not, and friends who make the ‘swag da naya adda’ of PunjaBeats an office filled with warmth.

Watch Basement Company TODAY! All episodes are available on MXPlayer.

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