Betaal Public Review: 15 Tweets That Sum Up the SRK-Produced Netflix Series

If you haven’t already, go watch Betaal. It’s a new Netflix zombie-horror show, produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s label, Red Chillies Entertainment. Betaal is an intriguing story based in a remote Indian village, where the remnants of colonizers still remain. This village is a battleground between British Indian Army Officer Lt. Col John Lynedoch, his battalion of zombie redcoats, and the Fictional CIPD force. The show is radical, and makes connections to the current violence perpetuated by the Indian army on Naxals and villagers in remote parts of India, all the while adding the element of zombie horror to the story, upping the stakes immediately.

The cast of Betaal is obviously talented. Starring Vineet Kumar, Aahana Kumra and Suchitra Pillai in the leads, each of them adds a complexity to their characters. The series is written and directed by Patrick Graham and co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan. It released on Netflix on May 24, so you’re not too late to catch it.

While Betaal has received generally poor reviews from critics, and a few positive ones here and there, what really matters is what the fans have to say. Aam janta, Bharat ki public jo bolti hai, woh hi sahi review hoti hai. So we picked up some of the best reviews, summed up within 280 characters, of Betaal, from Indian Twitter handles. Here’s what the aam janta has to say:

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This Twitter user used their 280 characters to the max:

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But not all users were fans, clearly:

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This one user covered every aspect worthy of review, and didn’t forget to add their rating too:

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We love this one guy’s energy in his review:

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We have some real fans of zombie horror in India:

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Some users acknowledge how talented Patrick Graham is:

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But, not everybody LOVED the show.

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And others just couldn’t take the horror seriously:

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Some users kept their review short and sweet, and that said it all:

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This one user gave such a poignant review, better than most lengthy articles written by critics:

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But it wasn’t worth everybody’s internet pack:

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Some reviews were very clever, seeing connections between Betaal and Tumbadd:

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Others were very proud of how the Indian series has reached a global audience, already:

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Clearly Indian horror fans were waiting for this day:

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And other Twitter reviews were just hilarious. If you get the joke, of course. Watch the show and then LOL:

So, there you have it. The funniest, sassiest, most savage, honest and accurate reviews of the latest Indian zombie-horror show, Betaal.

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