Celebrate Halloween with these 6 tropes that every Indian horror TV show pakka has

It’s Halloween! That means if you’re in India, you’re going to be bombarded with the scariest TV shows of all time. Of course, these TV shows border on funny more than scary. Only because they follow the same damn hilarious tropes. Like these predictable ones:

1. Sunsaan Haveli

In a rickety-crikety, creaking ancient house, there are ghosts/spirits/zombies that terrorise new houseguests who are either naive or far too trusting. If there’s a haveli that looks like this, with such an ancient history, I’d be running FAR away.

2. A sanyas/sanyasi/panditji who warns the people

There’s always one panditji/sanyasi who warns the people to not live in an old haveli, or teaches them mantras to chase away evil spirits. If there’s Indians in a horror TV show, there’s definitely a religious figure.

3. A married couple whose life goes to shit

So young, so full of hope. Yet, so much evil lurks within. Either the bride or the groom is possessed, or is actually a ghost from a horrible past seeking revenge. Basically, the only place where weddings are not good occasions, are Indian horror TV shows.

4. An evil female ghost in white saree

Why is it that female ghosts are scarier and more common? Probably because in real life, men are actually terrifying :).
Anyway, you’ll 100% find a female ghost with gorgeous, long straight hair, wearing a white saree and looming around. Quite surreal to look at, actually.

5. Zombies with really gross-looking makeup

If it’s 2020, why are they not presented with the latest VFX or prosthetics? Zombies look comical with badly bleached hair, pale makeup that crumbles right off and fake blood that is OBVIOUSLY not real. I mean, they take away all the fear from the show.

6. Loud noises in andheri raat

Honestly, the real effects of horror come out in the sounds. A crash, a cry, a scream, a shudder, loud music, sudden electrifying drums or guitar…if you watch a horror show on mute, you won’t even flinch. Trust me.

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