If You Haven’t Yet Watched Mrs & Mr Kohli, Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Must

Mrs & Mr Kohli is the latest Mirchi Play Original Web Series released exclusively on MXPlayer. This six-episode series is written by Harsh Rana, directed by Dheeraj Padiyar, with Sara Gurpal and Sahil Vedoliyaa playing the lead roles of Mrs and Mr Kohli respectively. The series follows the lives of this young couple that constantly redefines gender roles, both within their relationship and society as well. In case you haven’t watched it yet, here are 6 reasons why you absolutely must begin now:

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Because Mrs Kohli works while Mr Kohli is a homemaker

It’s 2020, there are no gender-based rules anymore and Mrs and Mr Kohli are on board the progressive train! Sara Kohli is a proud working woman and Sapan Kohli is a proud stay-at-home husband. She is passionate about her work, he loves taking care of the house and cooking new recipes, and they both have a pretty adorable relationship. We’re all for this modern marriage!

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Because it’s totally free to watch

One of the reasons why MXPlayer is so great is because it has great web series and they’re totally free to watch. Mrs and Mr Kohli is a short series of six episodes in season 1, and because you don’t have to pay to watch them, you can just log in from anywhere and binge. Whether you’re home, bored at a clinic, waiting for the bus/train, or just bored of your daily routine, you can log into MXPlayer and just watch the whole thing :).

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Because you can learn Punjabi!

Yes, there are subtitles and everything, but Punjabi is such a great, fun language that this is a great chance for you to learn it! The subtitles translate everything to English or Hindi (your choice), so you can really get a grasp on diction and pronunciation. Who knows, maybe after this you can finally rap all the fast parts of your favourite Badshah songs.

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Because the Kohlis are #CoupleGoals

Sara and Sapan Kohli may not be your tyical married couple, but just because she works and he stays at home doesn’t mean that they can’t be #CoupleGoals. The Kohlis are adorable in their banter and arguments that are relatable to all couples around the world. They have the same issues that all other couples face, and it’s really enjoyable to watch their chemistry together. They’re cute and their marriage may not always be perfect, but it only teaches us that imperfect relationships are the perfect ones. It all depends on how much love we put in.

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Because it can take your mind off of the depressing reality in which we live

Mrs and Mr Kohli is a series of six, short, sweet episodes. They’re totally binge-able and tell us a hatke, quirky love story. The show has everything: comedy, drama, crazy characters and a really pretty home. So you can pretty much lose yourself in the Kohlis’ lives and forget about coronavirus and the depressing news — if even for a little while.

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Because the show just exudes talent

I mean, just look at the cast and crew: Sara Gurpal and Sahil Vedoliyaa play Mrs and Mr Kohli and the both of them are just fabulous performers, whose varied range of emotions really comes out in this miniseries. The music is done by Ullumanati who make super fun, youth-friendly beats that just match perfectly with this quirky couple and this quirky show. Harsh Rana has written a fresh, original script and Dheeraj Padiyar has directed it to do justice to the fabulous characters and genuine love-storyline. I could go on, but you get the gist, right?

Mrs and Mr Kohli released on MXPlayer on July 8, and is available for free streaming

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